SELISE is a developer of scalable software. By focusing on the tech community, we draw on the latest technologies within .NET & J2EE. We develop products for you, with you or against you. Our creative force is distributed over Dhaka, Zürich, Thimphu and Dubai. Our clients are in consulting, e-government, banking and financing. Their customers are our end consumers and that's whom we focus on in all our work.

What We Do?

We manage your Software Projects in that we consult, architect, develop, design & test


Our expertise will help you to make better software



  • Project Identification

    Let’s identify a problem that needs to be solved. We don’t want too much of your trust and we don’t want you to commit too big. Just give us something small and let us see if and how we can do it. Commit to us for only four to six months and we are ready to go. If you do not have small projects, let us only professionally consult you on a large one for 3-5 days.

  • Context & Process Capturing

    We will send a Product Manager to your office for two weeks to capture your business context. Our Product Manager and one of our Senior Architects will analyze the business processes you want to improve and work out Technology Choice, Architecture, Business Goals and define first User Stories with you.

  • Proof of Concept

    Our on-site seniors are always backed by a small development team and will provide you with even first prototype applications or quantifiable analyses during their stay.

  • Up and Running

    The seniors will go back to one of our development offices and establish a fluent dislocated agile software development process with daily builds and bi-monthly releases. Everything conceptualized, documented, tested, straightforward and based upon latest technologies.

Major Clients

SwissLife Ruf Investiere Index Ventures Blue Code




  • Who proves that SELISE is what they claim to be?

    Ruf Informatik AG, Blue Code, Die Münchner or VERVE Capital Partners are market leaders each in their own specialized business domain. Fortune 500 firms have worked with our software engineers before. SELISE runs a very strict recruitment program within Bangladesh and recently within Bhutan to retrieve the best possible talent from the markets. Once taken in, our people enjoy a rigidly managed monthly schooling program including exams and rankings as well as one weekly company wide seminar with the chance of winning exciting prizes by topping the programs.

  • Does SELISE have System Architects?

    Yes. No project is done without the critical participation of a Senior SELISE System Architect.

  • What software SELISE can develop?

    Any software that requires high load, complex algorithms, big data and high security, be it developed from scratch or a legacy application that needs to be rebuilt – we do it all at SELISE laboratory.

  • What is capability sourcing?

    We do not outsource because we know that outsourcing per se does not work. Thus we are not trying to extend your workbench or sell you our resources. We deliver a fully fledged service according to how we want it to be delivered.

  • Why SELISE fails?

    We believe that Software development means continuous failure. However, the faster failure happens, the earlier it allows to get up to the next level. We do fail as part of the agile software development life cycle in order to know what we deliver when we deliver.

  • Why SELISE understands your business culture?

    Because our engineers have worked and studied all over the world and faced different organizations in different markets. We are Swiss managed, draw on an international setup and only recruit Rockstars.