Introducing SAFIRE: The Jewel in SELISE’s Design System

SELISE introduces SAFIRE, a highly efficient, framework-agnostic design system that ensures consistency across multiple projects.

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Building telecom ecosystems: Globalinternet connects to Liberty Global using SELISE technology

By integrating the SELISE-customized API for generating quotes, Globalinternet has formed cross-corporate digital ecosystems with various vendors, including telecom giant...

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SELISE facilitates easy and cost-effective legacy code conversion with Phoenix

Combining the most advanced migration methodology with the experienced resources of SELISE, Phoenix can help facilitate conversions at highly competitive...

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EcoHub – An exemplary large-scale IT project to digitize an entire industry

Thanks to the joint, closely interlinked project management between SELISE and IG B2B, and their combined strategic assets, EcoHub has...

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Your Company Should Invest In Online Collaboration Tools In A Post-Pandemic World

In partaking the services of online smart tools, companies are changing the way teams work, and the ongoing work culture...

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SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. Our understanding of information technology and the internet helps us enhance business performance across industries.



Our genuine understanding of your business goals is a key building block of our services. We develop digital platform strategies, calculate business cases and come up with generic expansion plans for a number of customers every year.


With a solid strategy carved out, we cross check the existing business processes against the ambitions. We enhance existing processes and form new ones using business process reengineering techniques taught at the University of St. Gallen.


Once strategy and processes are aligned, a digital platform, a piece of enterprise software or a mobile app can generate business success. We conduct research, build proof of concepts and prototypes to ensure what we intend to build fits this goal.




We comply with most of the industry data privacy laws and regulations including but not limited to:

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) Compliant
Swiss Federal Data Privacy Regulation on Cross Border Dataflow (Art. 6 DSG) Compliant

Meet our Data Protection Officer Att. Yves Roger Gogniat

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