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1.5 Million Video Views For Telco Giant

November 13, 2017

All great brands in history have one thing in common. They made their audience and customers feel. Our inexplicable love for Coca Cola or our new addiction of watching food videos on Facebook stems from the power of great advertising. It has the ability to change our perspective on life and make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The rise of social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter has given advertisers a new platform but also a new struggle. The breaking free from the information clutter of fast and gimmicky content made to cater to the fluctuating media consumption habits of millennials.

We decided to change that and use storytelling and emotional appeal to connect Virgin’s FRiENDi Mobile in Saudi Arabia with their customers, mostly expats who want to make international calls to their loved ones in their homeland. Sylvia Dequito (Director at SELISE Digital in Dubai) decided to take on the challenge of portraying the hardships expats face living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with limited means and away from their family.

“At SELISE Digital we understand the sentiments of today’s digitally connected consumers. We found a great creative team here in Dubai who helps us develop unique videos tailored for the target group.” says Dequito.

The video series showed two situations and their effect on different kinds of relationships. It was truly heart-wrenching to see the Filipino father lie to his son about his living conditions and we felt his pain at not being able to be a part of his childhood. The story is rooted in reality and struck a chord with the audience. The video was watched 350 thousand times, shared more than 4 thousand times and received hundreds of comments!

This Filipino story was followed by another hard-hitting video where a young Indian man goes abroad in search for a better life for his family. We see him struggle in the new environment and empathize with the emptiness he feels without his wife and kids. The Indian community in KSA and around the world lauded the portrayal of expat life and the video was viewed over 700 thousand times and shared 6000 times!

Both videos ended with the message that FRiENDi allows these expats to communicate with their loved ones at the best rates possible. The brand received a surge in awareness and word-of-mouth marketing from the audience who appreciated the effort and message of the advertisements. With over a million organic views, SELISE Digital has created a highly successful campaign for Virgin Mobile.