SELISE releases 3D Touch Mobile Game "Forcy Bird"! - SELISE

SELISE releases 3D Touch Mobile Game "Forcy Bird"!

October 1, 2015

SELISE demonstrates Apple’s 3D Touch with a game built in a day.

Only a few days after Apple released their new SDKs and APIs for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, SELISE submitted a 3D touch app to the Appstore in the form of Forcy Bird.


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The Game

The game is set to be a me-too of the world famous Flappy Bird, but with added sophistication in controls that utilize the 3D Touch. A player can now adjust the bird’s flight using different levels of pressure by touch. A strong touch will result in the bird receiving an extra boost, a soft touch results in a lift just enough to stay steady. Basically the flight of the bird is freely adjustable by the pressure a user applies. Hence Forcy Bird, in contrast to Flappy Bird, is more of a tap-and-hold instead of a tap game.

The Technology

Amongst the flurry of products that Apple announced at its flagship event, the arrival of 3D Touch certainly created a considerable buzz. This technology is arguably the most noteworthy addition to their latest iPhone ‘S’ cycle. As a more evolved version of the existing Force Touch found on the iWatch, 3D Touch is set to offer a far greater level of sensitivity to how you touch-interact with your iPhones.

Also known as peek and pop, the most common example of 3D Touch at play is how a user can light press on website links to get a preview of the sites in question without having to actually enter it. This effectively cuts down on the number of actions required to be performed on the basic iPhone Apps, paving way for a faster way to navigate. Apple has opened up the 3D Touch technology beyond their core apps and operating system, and Forcy Bird is SELISE’s attempt to leverage the new interaction paradigm within game play.

A Development Tutorial will soon be published by the SELISE team to better explain the methodologies behind building this game with Apple’s latest 3D touch technology.