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5 Reasons why #noui will kill the ERP star

December 9, 2015


#noui is a trend set off in 2013 by UX Guru Golden Krishna, whereby he advocates display-less control of software. He pushes the bar even further than Google with their Material Design statement against overcrowded UI. More so than Google, Krishna seems to be guiding us back to the core essence of a good User Interface- Functionality. Whereas #noui mainly focuses on consumer goods and consumer applications such as online stores or door locks, there is a yet untapped potential for #noui in enterprise software.

So what does #noui look like in enterprise IT? In its essence #noui enterprise is an intelligent messaging service that takes care of data entry and processing over multiple system layers by sending and receiving human friendly text messages. The following list elaborates on the benefits of such a intelligent robot:

  1. Authentication and Security: A messaging server could run situative Q&A’s with less digitally involved employees who no longer need to be part of the company’s AD, DMZ, VPN and such. Essentially they only need to to be able to access a messaging client.

  3. Productivity: The process of starting a browser, launching the right application, authenticating and then finding the right tab is somewhat redundant. A smart algorithm could send a digest of system activities relevant to a specific employee, letting him change values by simply replying those values, or statuses, over e-mail or SMS.

  5. Convenience: Tools that people feel really comfortable with are rare and far between. It’s either their favourite e-mail client or a messaging service they regularly use. If I were a sales person and I visit a customer, I would want a messenger to notify me beforehand and ask me if I want additional information about that customer. With simple answers such as a yes, no or terms like factsheet, I could have the CRM server provide me with the right information in the simplest fashion.

  7. System Jungle: As an IT manager, I would want the best available tools for each business domain that I operate in. Often however, system integration fails because third party applications are built on a different UI concepts than the core business application. This leads to unforeseen trouble with out-of-place workflows. #noui apps, on the other hand, are capable to capture multiple inputs from the same or even different persons, who are all part of the same workflow. By taking logical decisions on received values prior to passing them on to other systems, #noui apps may even improve your data quality.

  9. Organizational modelling: The messages of #noui apps can easily be analyzed, modified, A/B Tested and rerouted by business engineers that could improve the ways a software interacts with the organization. AI algorithms on the exchanged messages could improve their understanding of employees, their situational needs and language better. Development and innovation, hence, take place on a semantic rather than a static level.

More about #noui on nointerface.com.