DATasset Auditing Tool for BG Ingenieurs Conseils SA - SELISE

DATasset Auditing Tool for BG Ingenieurs Conseils SA

January 9, 2019
BG group is a consulting engineering company active in the fields of environment, building and energy. Founded in Switzerland, they also have subsidiaries in France, Algeria and Italy. We created BG DATasset, an auditing tool for them with the purpose of auditing, certification and data collection. This solution is used to audit infrastructure projects and production sites. In addition to the data, media files such as photos and videos can be collected for the audit all of which can later be managed, evaluated or exported in a web application.  Another important feature of this app is its offline support, the app can collect data in offline mode and later sync with the main system.

Moreover, the platform offers a large number of statistical functions, which provide auditors with all the state-of-the-art evaluations required for this industry. All results of the application can be made available to customers and test centers in automatically generated reports which reduces the manual effort considerably.