Lean Logistics Planning with Amberg Loglay - SELISE

Lean Logistics Planning with Amberg Loglay

January 9, 2019
As a leader in logistics and infrastructure design, Amberg Loglay combines modern analytics, design, planning and technology competencies to develop and implement breakthrough solutions. In collaboration with this pioneering company, SELISE developed the webapp Construction Logistics Management (CLM) that takes shipment scheduling, tracking and identifying to the next level Рthat too, in real time. 
The solution facilitates the planning of shipment arrival times, unloading time, materials and associated unloading equipment. It also provides real-time vehicle tracking and delivery planning using mobile devices and intelligent infrastructure data. The fleet can be tracked and controlled via a web platform. This eco-system offers a common transparent platform for all parties involved in a construction project.

All this has taken SELISE a step further in envisioning a world where city logistics are planned and optimized by big data, and where infrastructure development is accelerated to unforeseen lengths.