September 28, 2017

Generali mit neuem Smart Home-Online portal

Das neue Online-Portal der Generali Gruppe Schweiz wurde von SELISE entwickelt und belohnt ein intelligentes und sicheres Zuhause. Erfahren Sie mehr über dieses innovative Konzept und die erfolgreiche Partnerschaft.
September 4, 2017

SELISE Bhutan in den Schweizer Nachrichten auf RSI

Bhutan ist ein kleines, aber malerisches Königreich mit einer abgeschiedenen und gedankenvollen Lebensweise. Erst 1999 fand das Fernsehen Einzug in den Alltag und erst etwa vor fünf Jahren erhielt das Mobilfunknetz landesweit flächendeckende Verbreitung. Trotz seiner abgeschiedenen Lebensart ist es dem subversiven Touch von Technologie, insbesondere durch die jüngere Generation, nicht fremd. Eine Chance, die SELISE erkannt und genutzt hat.
März 14, 2017

SELISE 2016 HY2 Review: Nurturing Old Partnerships, Forging New Ones

A brief overview of the second half of 2016, during which the SELISE family delved into work that was both inspiring and invigorating.
Januar 17, 2017

SELISE Video Explorer T : Surveillance Made Easier

Viewing surveillance footage is easy enough, but the process of analyzing and turning them into data/evidence is rather difficult. In response to this problem voiced by Swiss transportation authorities, SELISE crafted a solution that initially bore a white label, but grew to stand for so much more than just that.
Januar 5, 2017

SELISE’s Advancements Towards the Digitization of Finance

Keeping constant innovation at its core, SELISE had the pleasure of working with numerous fintech companies over the years – each presenting unique needs and challenges.
November 22, 2016

CrowdCoopFunding: Taking the Cooperative Business Sector by Storm

CCF, an abbreviation for Crowd Cooperative Funding, is an initiative launched by employees of the Austrian Cooperatives Association (ÖGV) who founded a separate cooperative named “CrowdCoopFunding eG”. It is dedicated to revolutionizing the cooperative business sector scenario.
November 16, 2016

SELISE Conducts Mobile App Development Training for Bhutanese ICT Officials

SELISE was approached by Tshering Cigay Dorji, CEO of Thimphu Tech Park (TTPL), to conduct the program and SELISE couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of this initiative.
November 10, 2016

From our Rockstars: A Letter from Zurich

Even a year ago, I myself wouldn’t be necessarily associating business, process (re)engineering, business strategy and other fancy business-y terms with a software company. And now, as I write this piece from a quiet workstation in Zurich- I understand how short sighted we can be.
November 1, 2016

SELISE erstellt digitale End-to-End-Plattform für das weltgrößte unabhängige Versicherungsnetzwerk von Swiss Life Global Solutions

September 7, 2016

Rockstar in Dhaka, Mentor in Bhutan

Our rockstars often travel back and forth between Bhutan and Bangladesh for the love of what they do. The most recent and one of the most impactful visits was that of Wadud Khandaker, one of our front end leads, on his trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.