Strategie, Prozess, System

Erfolgreiche digitale Innovation erfordert ein harmonisches Zusammenspiel zwischen strategischer Entscheidungsfindung, Prozessausführung und der zugrunde liegenden Technologie. SELISE bietet Managementberatung in folgenden Bereichen an:

Business Model Transformation:

  • Digitale Begutachtungen
  • Digitale Ökosysteme
  • Digitale Wertschöpfung
  • Change Management
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Entwicklung neuer digitaler Geschäftsfelder

Organisationale Veränderung:

  • Organisationale Verstärkung
  • Talent Identifikation & Entwicklung
  • Talent Nachfolge
  • Kreierung von Hochleistungsteams
  • Implementierung einer Innovationskultur
  • Virtuelle Kollaboration nach dem Lean Ansatz

Digitale Kundenerlebnisse:

  • Digitale Touchpoints
  • Digitale Roadmap und Digitale Agenda
  • Implementierungskonzepte

Business Modelling:

  • Business Planung
  • Business Case Entwicklung
  • Wachstums & Expansions Planung

Oktober 3, 2017

SELISE introduces an ECAP based e-mail assistant called Alfred

Alfred, an ECAP based application, allows anyone to initiate a poll within its email participants simply by asking a question in their mails and adding an array of preferred options. Alfred’s advanced functionality allows it to schedule events with multiple participants and plan your next family event or official gathering. With Alfred you can take group decisions faster, with minimal effort and without unnecessary registration, website, software or UI.
September 28, 2017

Generali mit neuem Smart Home-Online portal

Das neue Online-Portal der Generali Gruppe Schweiz wurde von SELISE entwickelt und belohnt ein intelligentes und sicheres Zuhause. Erfahren Sie mehr über dieses innovative Konzept und die erfolgreiche Partnerschaft.
Januar 5, 2017

SELISE’s Advancements Towards the Digitization of Finance

Keeping constant innovation at its core, SELISE had the pleasure of working with numerous fintech companies over the years – each presenting unique needs and challenges.
November 1, 2016

SELISE erstellt digitale End-to-End-Plattform für das weltgrößte unabhängige Versicherungsnetzwerk von Swiss Life Global Solutions

Februar 18, 2016

RUF and SELISE building PubliWeb – the next generation e-government solution with cutting edge technology

ABOUT RUF Since its inception in 1917, Ruf ( has established itself as a Swiss brand that prides on high quality automation, innovation and data security. One of Ruf’s core branches, Ruf Informatik, offers full-fledged E-Government solutions for entities ranging from regulatory authorities, counties and districts to social institutions, schools and even churches. Such sector-specific solutions tailor-made for private enterprises complement Ruf’s portfolio.
August 9, 2015

Parquery: Smart Parking Application for Smart City

An ETH Zurich based „Spin Off“ named Parquery has collaborated with SELISE in order to deliver their product, a computer vision based system for monitoring on-street parking occupancy. This Smart City application helps cities optimize their on-street parking administration and enforcement while at the same time making parking spot availability accessible through a web-based application.
Juli 21, 2015

Importance of Rapid Application Development to Corporate Innovation

Capital Business is a leading Business Magazine in Middle East focusing on business best practices and is a publication accredited by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Recently, Capital Business took an exclusive interview of Julian A. Weber, CEO, SELISE rockin’ software where he talks about the importance of e-Business development to corporate innovation.
Juni 9, 2015

JetQuote – A brand new approach within the Aviation Industry

SELISE has always considered its proximity to the startup industry one of its core differentiators. Its recent partnership with JetQuote is yet another contribution to that sector. JetQuote promotes a platform that lets users charter a private jet instantly using their mobile devices or a web application.
April 15, 2015

Corporate Innovation through Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is the combined outcome of today’s most prominent software development tools, API’s and SDK’s and the naked agile philosophy. The New Venture industry has gladly embraced this catalytic approach for faster innovation. SELISE rockin’ software heavily promotes the RAD approach when working on new systems because of its proximity to the market. Multinational corporations and government agencies are experiencing wonders by allowing their IT managers to implement RAD as a means to innovation. SELISE CEO, Julian Weber covered these business implications in his recent conference contribution on Corporate Innovation through Rapid Application Development.
März 16, 2015

E-Braille: SELISE Engineer Working to Light Up the World for the Visually Impaired

SELISE Software Engineer Jonayet Hossain and his team RenoScience have crafted the winning innovation for the visually impaired, at this years Make-a-thon, an international hardware development competition. E-Braille is designed to make life easier for the visually impaired and states an excellent example of how the right blend of technology, creativity and youthful enthusiasm can lead to great innovations.