SELISE CTO Topu speaks at the IIT-Dhaka University - SELISE

SELISE CTO Topu speaks at the IIT-Dhaka University

August 17, 2017

Institute of Information Technology (IIT) of the University of Dhaka held its first ever Industry Academia Collaboration Session on 5th August 2017, which was graced by the presence of Topu Newaj, the CTO of SELISE. He was invited as one of the speakers at the session, along with many other corporates from leading tech companies.

Although the event took place for the first time, the Industry Academia Collaboration had been an integral part of the undergraduate program ever since its inception in 2001. IIT’s undergraduate program offers a four year industry oriented degree. The students go through three years of study followed by a half-year industry placement before returning for their final semester. This helps the students gain practical experience and corporate exposure, often being offered permanent positions in the companies even before they graduate.

The speakers were asked to cover the following topics in their speech:

  • ways to improve collaboration between the software industry and academia (Universities),
  • discrepancy between what skills are expected from graduates and what skills are currently taught at universities and
  • what the current students should do to be better prepared for the software industry.

Shah Ali Newaj, who has been well acquainted with this department for some time now, gave an engaging and inspiring speech for the graduates and freshers present in the session. He stressed on how the industry is still at a delicate stage and dependent on the students for its growth. It thrives on the passion of programmers and once that passion is gone, the industry will cease to exist. He also talked about the brain-drain of outstanding students and inspired them to stay back in their home country to help the industry grow. Placing major focus on honing programming skills, he also suggested various ways to stand out and indulge in side projects and self-improvement. His insightful and motivational speech was embedded with witty satire that captivated the attention of the entire audience.



The session was marked by many companies who were collaborating partners with IIT-DU. Mahboob Zaman (Managing Director of DataSoft Systems BD Limited), Shafqat Ahmed (CTO of Orion Informatics Limited), Raisul Kabir (CEO of Brain Station-23), Takumi Hamamura (Software Director of Monster Lab Bangladesh Limited), Maeenul Islam (CTO of Streams Tech Ltd), Syeda Wedad Quader (Consultant) and Syed Mamnun Quader (Managing Director of Southtech) were other notable speakers from the session. They delivered informative talks about the importance of developing both basic programming skills as well as communication skills to keep going up the career ladder.

The entire session was convened by Professor Dr Kazi Muheymin-Us-Sakib, the Director of IIT-DU. He appreciated the industry leaders for their time and cooperation and further sought their guidance and sustained partnership to produce the most refined IIT graduates for the tech industry of Bangladesh.