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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) shall outline the collection, use and storage of information collected from you. SELISE greatly respects the privacy of all its Users and clients. This Policy shall also include the security measures adopted by us in securing the safety of your information. This Policy shall be with regard to the information collected by SELISE and shall not include the collection or use of your information by any other website. The provisions of the Terms of Service (“TOS”) have been specifically incorporated herein by way of reference.


SELISE shall collect information from any and all individuals accessing the Applications or availing any of the Services. By accessing the Applications you consent to the collection and storage of certain information by SELISE. The information collected by us includes:

(i) Information provided by you while registering yourself as well as information entered by you while creating a User Account. This shall include but not be limited to information regarding your name, age, gender, nationality, location and contact information.

(ii) Any information entered by you while making any payments in the Applications, including but not limited to card details, account details and information related to the account holder. All information regarding payments is stored in a very secure manner.

(iii) Additionally SELISE shall also collect certain User information through the Application cookies. Cookies are nothing more than small pieces of data that are sent from the Application to your browser and helps SELISE in collecting certain non-identifiable information. The information collected by the cookies include:

(a) You system’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.

(b) The browser type and browser version.

(c) You browsing history.

(d) Details regarding your browsing and browsing patterns.

(e) Amount of time spent on each website.

(f) Information related to certain ads that you may find relevant or have previously visited.

(g) Additionally we may also receive certain User information from our partners, service providers, associates, representatives and other affiliates.

Cookies may be disabled by you at any time should you choose to by visiting your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may affect the features and certain functionality of the Applications. Any reduced performance or functionality that is a result of you disabling the cookies shall not be SELISE’ responsibility.


We collect certain information from Users for the following purposes:

i. Account Creation

All of the information entered by you at the time of creating an account shall be used to create a profile for you in the Application. The information may also be used to verify Users identity. Certain of the information collected may also be displayed on the User’s profile in the Application. However, User’s may choose what information should be publicly displayed.

ii. Providing Services

The most important and primary intention of collecting information from Users is to provide you with our Services.

iii. Communication

The contact information collected from you shall also be used to send you frequent communication with regard to the Application and the Services. By accessing the Applications or by using any of the Services you consent to receiving frequent communication from SELISE. You may continue receiving communication from SELISE even after you have opted out of the mailing list.

iv. Improvements

The information and feedback collected from you shall also be used for improving upon our Services and Applications as well as to develop further Services as per your requirements and needs.


SELISE does not under any circumstances sell or trade any User information. All disclosures made shall be notified to the User and where reasonable SELISE shall attempt to obtain your consent prior to disclosing your information. SELISE may while rendering its Services to you disclose certain of your information to its employees, directors, service providers, representatives, subsidiaries and associates. All such disclosures shall be made only on a ‘need to’ basis. All of SELISE’ employees that access your information shall be bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement and they shall be required to obtain appropriate consent and authorisation prior to accessing any User information.

SELISE may also be required to make certain disclosures regarding the Users information to comply with any applicable law or in compliance with any order or direction received from any court or governmental authority. However, SELISE shall have no duty of confidentiality over any information that is shared, disclose or made public anywhere in the Applications by the User. In the event of a merger or acquisition of or by SELISE, SELISE shall disclose certain information to the acquired/acquiring entity. SELISE shall also disclose certain User information for the purposes of protecting its employees and other Users.


SELISE employs safety and security measures, both technical and administrative, at par with the industrial standards. SELISE shall, as is reasonable, protect all of the information collected and stored on its servers against any loss, theft, destruction or misuse. However, none of the measures adopted by SELISE may prove effective in protecting the User information and you hereby acknowledge and accept the same. You shall be solely responsible in maintaining the safety of your respective User Account. Users are advised against disclosing any account details to any third party. SELISE shall not be liable for any unauthorised access or use of your User Account.

SELISE shall have no duty of confidentiality over any of the following information:

i. Any information already available in the public domain.

ii. Any information posted, uploaded, distributed or published on any public feature of the Applications.

iii. Any information made public due to no fault of SELISE.

SELISE is in compliance with the US-EU Safe Harbor Principles and all collection, transmission and storage of the same shall be in compliance with the US-EU Safe Harbor Principles.


The Applications shall have various links and advertisements present on it. Such links and advertisements shall redirect you to a third party website that shall have a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy different from that of SELISE’. Any user following any link or advertisement is requested to exercise adequate caution while doing so. Users are further requested to read through and understand the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of such third party website. Under no circumstances shall SELISE be liable for any loss or damages incurred to the User while following any link or advertisement.


SELISE encourages Users to constantly update any and all of their information stored on SELISE’ servers. Users are also requested to ensure that all such information is accurate, correct and up to date. You may at any time revoke any of the consents previously granted to SELISE with regard to the collection and storage of your information. However such denial may adversely affect your access to the Applications as well as the access to and availability of certain Services. SELISE shall grant you the right to manage your information stored on SELISE’ servers subject to certain limitations, including but not limited to:

i. In the event your access to the information compromises the safety of any other information stored on SELISE’ servers.

ii. In the event that the cost of editing or updating your information outweighs the need for the same.


SELISE reserves the right to remove, alter or change the whole or any part of this Policy at any time and no notice shall be provided to you prior to such revision. The revised Policy shall be made available on the Website and your continued use of the Applications and the Services shall be deemed as your acceptance of the revised Policy.


Questions or comments with regard to this Policy may be directed to SELISE at “” or by calling +41 (0)448058044 or by mailing to:

Secure Link Services AG,

Innovation Center, Haldenstrasse 23,

8306 Brüttisellen, Switzerland.

Last Updated: November 2015