Swiss Life International enhances their digital platform for unit linked to life insurance with SELISE

SwissLife partners gain access to online invoicing, policy management and enhanced collaboration functions

Released in February 2017, ePrivateWealth (ePW) is an online self-service portal to enable SwissLife partners log-in access from different devices, view up-to-date market information, communicate with wealth planners, process digital applications with digital signatures, upload and download transactional forms and marketing documents. Additionally, the digital portal includes a personalized dashboard with select news articles, e-learning resources, and an ‘’ask a question’’ feature.

What are the new features?

The release of ePW’s invoicing service in 2018 gave asset managers the option to submit invoices and monitor their commission claims status online.

The new Policy Information section gives business partners the ability to view their clients’ policies, with displayed lists, statistics (in both graphical and numeric formats), detailed information, search filters, transaction history and overviews of commision payments.

Users of the ePrivateWealth portal can look forward to further enhancements in their online experiences, with additional feature releases lined up in the near future, courtesy of SELISE and SwissLife.

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