We do not just focus on stop-gap digital solutions but also put a great deal of emphasis on organizational challenges and transformation processes to ensure our solutions come to life.


At SELISE, we leverage technological innovation while rethinking your core business strategy as a financial institution. We’ve successfully deployed Applications in the fields of Financial Advisory, Corporate and Private Insurance in Property and Casualties, Life, Health and Employee Benefits ranging from sales to actuarial services.

What makes SELISE a valuable partner is that we do not just focus on stop-gap digital solutions but also put a great deal of emphasis on organizational challenges and transformation processes to ensure our solutions come to life.

Our in-house expertise in lead generation, stakeholder collaboration, business automation, big data and artificial intelligence can help you truly differentiate yourself in the technology-driven volatile financial industry across verticals and products. Our solutions are built on a constantly evolving aPaaS called ECAP that meets corporate compliance while embracing the benefits of cloud computing.


Employee Benefits, Health and Life

Income and Health Security both play a vital role in today’s society. Employers around the globe are offering securities as part of their compensation packages. Together with our partner Swiss Life Global Solutions, we have developed cutting edge solutions to standardize the management of corporate contracts on a global scale.

Financial Advisory

Modern financial advisory is orchestrated both digitally and personally (Omnichannel) while meeting complex regulatory environments. Good advisory draws on the ability of advisors to collect, read and interpret past, current and projected information about markets, individuals or companies. Such requires highly integrated platforms as well as unique and consistent user experience.

Retail Insurance, Property and Casualty

Retail Insurance is primarily bought and availed in combination with third party purchases. High transaction barriers make customers resistant to purchases, which is why it is imperative for retail insurance products to be silently embedded within digital ecosystems. At SELISE we help organizations designing and participating in digital Ecosystems.


Customer Self-Service

SELISE ECAP for financial Service providers allows customers to avail services online – from applying for solutions, requesting and receiving offers, to managing portfolios.

KYC, AML, MIFID, Digital Signature

Regulations in financial services require a strict proof of a customer’s identity, their source of funds as well as their explicit, standardized and recorded consent. We cover most European markets with a set of pre-existing steps required to onboard customer digitally.

Business Intelligence and Campaigning

ECAP supports customer centric data management with campaigning and analytics options that allow for precise targeting and deliver the right insights to develop and enhance product and service propositions.



ECAP manages sales teams across different segments and different countries where some members are internal and others are external resellers, IFA’s or even insurance brokers. By visualizing team performance and allowing for active collaboration ECAP helps drive coordinated sales.


Various financial solutions can directly be sold online. ECAP is all about generating trustworthy experiences that matter to customers, hence driving conversion. A combination of landing pages, knowledge platforms, collaborative and robo advisory make a successful web stores for financial instruments.


Financial services providers often collaborate with affiliates who generate leads, partners who help designing solutions or who even resell solutions on a white label basis. ECAP manages organizational profiles, themes and users in an easy multitenant way.


Expert Q&A Automation

Especially when selling instruments and solutions across various jurisdictions and territories, access to knowledge databases as well as legal and commercial experts becomes a core business service. With AI powered solutions, ECAP can handle such knowledge services at ease.

Entity based Collaboration

This functionality serves sophisticated cases in the offering, onboarding, top-up or insurance claim process. When multiple parties need to access the same piece of information, contract, form or request ECAP will offer real-time collaboration and chat in order to speed up processes substantially.

Global Financial Market Newsfeed

SELISE ECAP provides a smart and easy alternative to expensive news aggregation services. Depending on a categorization of news, SELISE parses the world wide web and delivers corporate news into your portal as they appear.


Selling financial products often requires extensive knowledge for operational and legal due diligence. ECAP offers an all encompassing solution called “Academy” that helps providers with efficient management and dissemination of knowledge among both internal and external stakeholders.


Open API

ECAP based solutions are inherently decoupled which makes them open to any system integration over API. Any operation that is executed within our solutions can also be executed over and external API.

Business Intelligence

MIS Dashboards, Sales performance overviews and benchmarking graphs. All of these can be provided out of the box.

Actuary Tools

The ECAP based insurance platform supports Actuaries with Data on the one hand and with logic management functionalities on the other. It is hence possible to model actuarial formulas within ECAP in order to create pricing and other calculations.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Head of Product

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Business Analyst Insurance

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