FlipMob - gaming innovation brought by SELISE - SELISE

FlipMob – gaming innovation brought by SELISE

June 4, 2014

SELISE rockin’ software, an innovative Swiss venture teams up with US Skateboarding Elites to build a unique App called FlipMob that combines high class algorithm design with latest MEMS hardware and brings it into the most hyped action sports of the past two decades: Skateboarding.

FlipMob lets users perform complex flips using their smartphones as virtual Skateboards. These flips are inherited from Skateboarding and represented back on the user’s smartphone in a virtual world of Skateboarding with 3D animation and lots of accuracy measurements.

For example: If a user rotates his iPhone in the same way a skateboard rotates when performing a 360 Flip (a spin on all three axes), the app detects a 360 Flip, measures its accuracy level and issues coins accordingly.

After performing a flip, user can see his accuracy level and the velocity of that flip
After performing a flip, user can see his accuracy level and the velocity of that flip

FlipMob is heavily appreciated by the skateboarders community and undergoes rapid growth. Within a few days of launching this app, it had several thousand downloads. Nowadays such growth is unique in the AppStore. SELISE, the Zurich based software company teamed up with Colin Clark, a well-known Producer and Editor in the Skateboard Industry to creatively design and market this app. Famous Pro skateboarders such as Sewa Kroetkov, Micky Papa or Christopher Chann are supporting the app with stunning Signature Videos.

“It all began when I, a sneaking action sport enthusiast and skateboarder, shared this idea with SELISE Innovation Team and asked them the challenging question – whether a smartphone gyroscope would be strong enough to detect a devices in air rotation when being thrown. After running few quick tests we realized that most Android devices of 2013 wouldn’t be compatible for such a task. Not expecting much, we ran the test on an iPhone 4S and immediately understood that Apple astonishingly placed the right kind of hardware in their devices to track rapid motion.” – Says Julian Weber; CEO of SELISE and visionary of FlipMob.

Right now FlipMob is only available for iPhone; due to the lack of sensitivity of the sensors inside most Android Phones. The development team is already working on a release for Google Nexus devices in the very near future. The official website of FlipMob is www.flipmob.net and other social media account are also available for regular updates.


SELISE is a juvenile software company that became well-known by establishing a sui generis high class software lab in Dhaka, the Megacity in Bangladesh. They provide state-of-the-art software solutions to a wide range of clients, with a creative force distributed over Dhaka, Zürich, Thimphu and Dubai.