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Franke iQCircle: Creating coffee experiences of tomorrow

January 25, 2019

SELISE has built a digital community for Franke, which revolves around people with a singular passion, making great coffee. It gives like-minded individuals the opportunity to come together to contribute their own content and opinions both digitally and physically.

The website was built on WordPress, powered by an enterprise architecture, and is optimized for all kinds of devices and resolutions. Both the staging and production websites were deployed on Microsoft Azure using Blob and Azure SQL for WordPress. To further power the community, it is integrated with Media Services, CDN and Media Player.

Franke iQCircle provides insights, events, and research on everything related to coffee, to create coffee experiences of tomorrow. The Insights section contains articles/blog posts on international coffee experts sharing their insights and experiences. An unregistered user can only view a snippet of the articles/blog posts. Franke iQCircle believes all game-changing technology must be backed by research, studies, and science. Hence, it conducts a lot of research and publishes the results on the iQCircle website. Similar to the insights, these researches can only be accessed by iQCircle members and executive members only.

Membership privileges include learning even more about the art of coffee making. Highly-engaged users can apply to become executive members and submit their own content as research or insight. User generated content is subject to a curation process by which the community administrators ensure only high quality content is made publicly accessible. Furthermore, members can also participate at different community conventions, workshops and seminars.

Members of the iQCircle also get exclusive access to an event management module, where events can be created and managed, which also includes features such as pricing, attendance, management, promotions, personalized invitations and various other features.

Franke thrives to create the most inspiring and rewarding coffee experiences, so that their partners and customers can shape differentiated offerings, have greater opportunities for exploration, and can constantly surprise passionate coffee lovers worldwide.