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SELISE provides Mobile Experience for Grand Basel

September 3, 2018

The sister fair of the world-renowned Art Basel is opening its doors for the first time publicly on the 6th of September this year. Known as Grand Basel, the exhibition will be unveiling the rarest and most exclusive automobiles – from historically significant cars like Michael Schumacher’s 1994 Benetton-Ford B194 to contemporary supercars like the 2018 Ferrari SP38.

SELISE has had the opportunity to develop the show’s mobile app on their ECAP platform. The app boasts brand new technology inside and out.

OS-leveraged Progressive Web App

The advent of Progressive Web Apps has ushered an entirely new world of mobile development which is cutting development and maintenance efforts in half.

ECAP 3 comes with a Progressive WebApp (PWA) ready frontend built on Angular 6 and a nodejs proxy renderer. And while the PWA technology did have its breakthrough this year, it is still heavily dependent on the capabilities of today’s mobile browsers (more on

As such, PWA does not yet support intricate OS APIs such as advanced Bluetooth management. Such an app platform, therefore, requires what is called an OS leveraged architecture in order to get the full benefits of both worlds – web and native.

Furthermore, just adding PWA to a web app and running it in a webview does not make it Apple Appstore compliant unless extensive caching and performance measures are put in place. In fact, Apple emphasizes on one golden rule of User Experience. If an average user feels that he or she is browsing through an App that behaves more like a website, the App will simply be rejected.

Design, Effects and Loading

The app flashes a few introductory screens while it initializes in the background. Once it has been initialized, it loads different Javascript chunks and contents in a subtle way while doing background checks on updated content. All this ensures that the user has a seamless experience, which can be experienced on a myriad of devices. The app flaunts a highly intuitive responsive design for iPhone 5 to X, iPad 4 to iPad Pro and over a thousand different Android devices and Versions.

ECAP Smartcom Messaging  

The app also holds the option to message the exhibitors of automobiles in the event. Once the user sends a message, it is received by the exhibitor as an email. In turn, the exhibitor’s replies are collected as messages to the user which can be accessed from the messages section in the app.

Exhibition CMS

The event’s simple app structure helps to find all the information relevant to the exhibition. This includes automobile details, exhibitor details and news about publications. The app structure and concise content are all managed from a central content management system built on WordPress. The resultant system is lean, efficient and minimalistic- and it perfectly mirrors the image of the exhibition itself.

Visitor lifecycle

The app onboards visitors once they input their basic information – they’re all set up with the app as soon as they verify their account via email. This system is upheld by SELISE’s Acquisition and Retention Cloud. This ensures that even when they leave the exhibition, they never really miss out on the entirety of the event experience. Even ticket details are transferred on to the app, thus ensuring that the app covers everything for the user. From managing ticket information to recognizing the user’s favorite car with all its details – the app has the user covered from the beginning till the end. 

For a complete experience of Grand Basel and its app, download it from Google Play or App Store.

Throughout the making of this app, SELISE has endeavored to mirror the minimalistic and exclusive nature of the exhibition onto the app. It has been built using a dash of the latest technology, and a pinch of ingenious ideas – and SELISE could not have been more thrilled to see it grow and thrive.

Project Stats

Net Development Time

3 months

Apps built

CMA, Onboarding, Event App, Android native engine, iOS native engine

Technology Stack

.NET, MongoDB, nodejs, Angular 6, Android Java, iOS Swift, PWA, ECAP, WordPress, Rabbitmq, nginx, AWS S3, AWS lambda and many more.