Simplifying Healthcare Navigation for SWICA Customers - SELISE

Simplifying Healthcare Navigation for SWICA Customers

May 23, 2019

As one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland, SWICA serves around 1.5 million insured people and 27,000 corporate clients. With an impressive number of 25 thousand enlisted therapists, SWICA has been ensuring fast solutions for patients’ every requirement. Insurance coverage on alternative medicine is one of the more popular solutions offered by SWICA.

SELISE has built an ecosystem connecting customers, healthcare professionals, and other relevant online platforms for SWICA’s alternative medicine insurance services. Customers can now directly locate therapists of their choice and book appointments online.

Customers can simply log into their account, browse through all the enlisted therapists and book appointments online. The search directory gets populated and synchronised from third party software and platform providers and has been updated with advanced filters allowing customers to find specialised therapists based on specific subject areas and methodologies. Furthermore, it’s also possible to search for therapists using location filters and switching between different search radii. Once the search is complete, customers can make an appointment request to their therapist of choice and the therapist can then interact with their customer from their favorite software to confirm it.

Additionally, for the therapists, an option to sync calendar has been introduced in the system, therefore bridging the final gap. Appointment slots are made available, blocked and confirmed via an array of third parties using REST and SOAP API technology as well as all the popular calendar protocols.