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Importance of Rapid Application Development to Corporate Innovation

July 21, 2015

Capital Business is a leading Business Magazine in Middle East focusing on business best practices and is a publication accredited by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Recently, Capital Business took an exclusive interview of Julian A. Weber, CEO, SELISE rockin’ software where he talks about the importance of e-Business development to corporate innovation.

In 2014, SELISE set it’s footprint in Middle East by opening up an office in Dubai following it’s successful operations in Switzerland, Bangladesh and Bhutan. SELISE aims to cater the immense technological and economic growth of the middle eastern region with it’s proven success with government and multinational corporations all over the world.

I could speak for three hours to explain small trends in e-commerce, marketing, recruiting or even in mobile gaming. Looking at the big picture tells us that the current wave of Digital Transformation lets century-old value chains fall apart. Thus, services and products are built and consumed in a world where there is no more dependency on the location of market participants. This allows millions of new people to contribute to the global e-Economy. Today, all you need is an internet connection and cheap payment facilities in order to be part of it.

Julian Weber
CEO, SELISE rockin’ software

In this exclusive interview, Mr. Weber talks about how he assesses the e-Business sector globally and how the modern e-Business concept differs from the traditional one. He also talks about the importance of e-Business development to corporate innovation and how organizations can prepare their managerial mindset to innovate. This interview also puts focus on how SELISE is helping businesses make better software worldwide and how as a change maker Julian Weber describes the upcoming trends within the e-Business industry.

The complete interview can be found in this link.