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SELISE 2016 HY1 Review: Of Innovative Software Solutions and Exciting Challenges

August 8, 2016

SELISE had an amazing first half of 2016, largely thanks to an influx of exciting new projects.

Keeping Busy

Projects left, right and center!

After a successful Release 1 deployment in April, our relationship with one of Europe’s largest car dealership management software providers continues to thrive. With a core focus on utilizing the best of cloud technology, SELISE aims to provide car owners, dealerships and workshops with unique digitized solutions that greatly enhance their industry experience.

May 2016 saw SELISE sign a much anticipated contract with a Swiss telecom heavyweight. The project involves a partner portal through which complex products can be configured and sold to SME’s, and has massive potential to grow with subsequent releases.

In June 2016, we built on our existing relationship with a Swiss insurance giant by securing a partnership to develop a portal for premium insurance solutions. Having already produced a referral app for the same client, SELISE is also developing yet another web portal for international pooling.

We are also partnering up with a global conglomerate that specializes in providing comprehensive logistical solutions. Working with open data, the idea is to understand the logistical impact of construction sites, identify possible solutions, and simulate the results in real-time to aid in planning.

The company has been loud on the global music scene as well. Partnering with a world-renowned musical research institute, we are using game-changing algorithms to redefine how music can be composed. The platform is set to use a unique sound matching tool, and will also boast a powerful, online multi-track editing tool that can mash up different tunes- on the go!

Destination Darjeeling!

Annual Trip 2016.

As much as we are committed to work, SELISE knows how to break free from the mundane routines when required. That is precisely why we sometimes find ourselves on sandy beaches and lush hill tops. On May 26, SELISIANS hopped on another such adventure to Darjeeling. Besides a lot of travelling and sightseeing, this was also a gastronomic experience for the squad. The highlights were a beautiful sunrise at the Tiger Hill, a visit to the War Memorial and Ghoom monastery, and a lot of shopping-till-you-dropping!

SELISE Digital

New Additions. New Ambitions.

With a view to handle quick-fire projects and concentrate more on the Middle-Eastern and American market, SELISE is proud to announce the inception of SELISE Digital- a separate development wing that specializes in websites, SEO and social-media. Led by Chowdhury Rashdi, this team will surely add an extra edge to the company’s capabilities in the days to come.

A Growing Family

A bustling workplace.

With an increased workload, it should not come as a surprise that we have been on the lookout for some fresh talents. In alignment with the top management’s strategy to recruit fresh graduates and shape them into world-class talents, SELISE has already inducted over 10 new members into its ever growing family. This list includes front-end developers, QA engineers and business analysts.

Rajiv Hassan, SELISE CPO, says..

“Our industry is going through an interesting change, centered around innovation. We no longer merely ask for product requirements- we have started to go deeper into what we build and discover products together. This approach requires an open mind, and I strongly believe that it is easier to mold a fresh mind and groom them towards that direction. We seek people who can think different, and eventually reshape the industry in the long run.”

..and some farewells.

As with any growing software company, SELISE too had to witness a number of its employees evolving and moving on. As bittersweet as it may be, it is a part of a continuous change that any company must embrace to succeed.

Shah Ali Newaj, SELISE CTO, says..

“We really don’t have colleagues at SELISE- we are a family; and like any family, it always hurts to see a member leave our nest. No one is replaceable, and we regularly find ourselves revisiting old memories with a certain fondness. As a growing family, we celebrate our new members and instill them with the same family values that makes us strong together.”

Full Steam Ahead

To infinity, and beyond!

The company is adamant that this series of success is not the last, and things will only get better as we move forward. SELISE is still on the lookout for amazing coders, so if you think you have what it takes to succeed at a truly global software firm, we’d love to hear from you.

To all our well-wishers all over the world, here’s to finishing the year on a high.