Design Thinking at its best.


At SELISE, we leverage technological innovation while rethinking your core business strategy as a carrier, broker, advisor or actuary. We’ve successfully deployed Applications in the fields of Employee Benefits, Retail Insurance and Financial Advisory.

What makes SELISE a valuable partner is that we do not just focus on stop-gap digital solutions but also put a great deal of emphasis on organizational challenges and processes to ensure our solutions come to life.

Our in-house expertise in lead generation, stakeholder collaboration, business automation, big data and data transparency can help you truly differentiate yourself in the technology-driven volatile insurance industry across insurance verticals and products. Our solutions are built on a constantly evolving aPaaS called ECAP that meets corporate compliance while embracing the benefits of cloud computing.


Employee Benefits

Income and Health Security plays a vital role in today’s society, which is why employers around the globe are offering insurance security as part of their compensation packages. Together with our partner Swiss Life Global Solutions, we have developed cutting-edge solutions to standardize the management of corporate contracts on a global, yet fully digital scale.

Retail Insurance

Retail Insurance is primarily purchased and availed in combination with third party purchases. If purchasing barriers are too high, customers will not buy. For retail insurance products, it is thus imperative to have them embedded within purchasing processes.

Financial Advisory

A great tool in providing financial security to a customer is the delivery of professional financial advisory. Such advisory draws on the ability of an advisor to collect, read and interpret data about an individual’s personal finance, their career plans and risk appetite.


Customer Self-Service

SELISE ECAP for Insurance allows customers to avail services online – from applying for solutions, requesting and receiving offers, to managing claims.

KYC and AML Services

Regulations in financial services require strict knowledge and proof of a customer’s identity and his or her source of funds. We cover most European markets with a set of pre-existing steps required to onboard a customer.

E-Commerce and Product Management

Insurance products consist of various variables that need to be configured for each purchase. ECAP is flexible enough to offer product management and e-commerce solutions that allow selling from simple to complex solutions.


Sales Force Management

ECAP manages sales teams across different segments and different countries some members are internal and others are external resellers or even brokers.

Broker Management

Brokers still play a vital role in the insurance business while transforming from a purely sales based brokerage to a digital affiliate who advises and resells solutions.

Partner Management

As an insurance provider, you often collaborate with either partners who help you design and develop solutions or with such who support on sales. ECAP manages organizational profile and teams in an easy way.


Expert Q&A Automation

Especially when selling solutions across various jurisdictions and territories, access to knowledge databases as well as legal and commercial experts becomes a core business service. With AI powered solutions, ECAP can handle such knowledge services at ease.

Real-Time Case Collaboration

For sophisticated cases in the offering process or a potential claim handling case where multiple parties need to access the same contract, proposal or request.

Global FInancial Market Newsfeed

SELISE ECAP provides a smart and easy alternative to expensive news aggregation services. Depending on a categorization of news, SELISE parses the world wide web and delivers corporate news into your portal as they appear.


Open API

ECAP based solutions are inherently decoupled which makes them open to any system integration over API. Any operation that is executed within our solutions can also be executed over and external API.

Business Intelligence

MIS Dashboards, Sales performance overviews and benchmarking graphs. All of these can be provided out of the box.

Actuarial Support Services

The ECAP based insurance platform supports Actuaries with Data on the one hand and with logic management functionalities on the other. It is hence possible to model actuarial formulas within ECAP in order to create pricing and other calculations.


Julian A. Weber
Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Leu
Chief Operating Officer

Shah A. Newaj
Chief Technology Officer