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Visiting SELISE in Dhaka – An interview with Mr. Marco Ehmke

November 12, 2012

A team of Ruf Informatik, one of our core clients, has paid a visit to the SELISE Office in Dhaka. Mr. Marco Ehmke, the responsible Project Manager for one of the largest Software Development projects at Ruf Informatik, was invited to share his thoughts about his experience with SELISE.

Picture Marco Ehmke in Dhaka
Marco Ehmke in the streets of Dhaka

Ms. Hridi Reza (HR): Tell me about your experience with SELISE in Dhaka?
Mr. Marco Ehmke (ME): I think, it was a very interesting visit for me. It was very well planned and organized. Here, we always had someone from the management team to guide us. So we were pretty comfortable and easily found whatever we needed or got whatever we wanted. Regarding the work itself: I really like working in a team because it brings out the most useful output. I believe it is the best way to find out the optimum solution. Here, all people are giving their input and I see that these guys really love their job. I can see that all you need has been assembled properly and with care. Observing all this was a really positive experience and surely SELISE is a nice place to work!

HR: So, is this the first time you visit SELISE in Dhaka?
ME: Yes, it is my first visit to SELISE in Dhaka. Also it is the first time I am in an Asian country. Here the culture is completely different. And this was another reason which attracted me for the visit.

HR: What type of opportunities do you see in outsourcing this type of project to this city?
ME: We have decided to work together because of a series of reasons. The first one is that we needed to handle more resources abroad. At first, I was not sure how our guys will understand if we work together as an option partner and I had confusions about the completely different culture here. But for me, no doubt it was a really positive experience. If you have someone like your CTO Topu who is just great. Already when he came to Switzerland we saw that he had a very similar way to think about situations and had wonderful discussions. Having him is also another thing I like about SELISE.

HR: So, what do you think is the competitive advantage of this company?
ME: Well. You have a Swiss CEO. He has clear idea about what is needed and how the market works. Plus you have an experienced CTO. They both think about a thing again and again and repeatedly try to improve it. That’s the same way we work in Switzerland. Over there we ask ourselves if a very critical work was done properly, effectively and efficiently. If this question is asked repeatedly only then you can improve yourself and define measures to get better and better. SELISE also tries to identify issues together with us as a customer. When we find issues, we change it and improve ourselves together. That’s the way we build up a partnership, create good quality and have acceptance on both sides. And this is something I have found here at SELISE and am not sure if there are many more companies out there who possess such standards of work ethic and culture.

HR: What do you think of Dhaka as an ICT place?
ME: I think, if all the teams can function properly and run with the same interest then there is great potential for Dhaka and soon it will become an ICT capital. In Switzerland, if we want to have very good people, we need a lot of time to find them and have to pay a large sum of money. In many cases at Switzerland we don’t get the right people as the market is dried out. But over here we can have very good people much faster and we can afford them.

HR: So, What about your confidence about the project you are in now-before you came to Dhaka and after you came to Dhaka? Was there any change meeting your expectation?
ME: Yeah it was a positive change. Before my visit I have already had most of the discussions with Topu and knew what was needed. Now, it feels better as the whole team has a very good overview about what we need and more detailed information on the topics. I know that this is very important for a team to deliver good quality. As a result of my visit I feel much more relaxed and confident about our project and partnership.

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