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Interview with Kurt D. Weber in Swiss IT-Magazine "IT Markt" (German)

December 18, 2011

IT market magazines 12/08/2012
Section: Finally – Poll
Author: Erhard Rütimann

What has happened to … Kurt Weber?

IT entrepreneur Kurt Weber.
IT entrepreneur Kurt Weber.
Kurt Weber has practically reached as IT entrepreneur everything you can reach: From the Director of the Technical Department of Paninfo he was promoted to deputy managing director, and because he lacked the entrepreneurial freedom, he bought the company finally. The first system house of Switzerland was born. It was a long upward with his company and they also survived the crisis year of 2002/2003 well. In 2007 he sold to the Austrian ACP group. Why he sold and what he does today, he reveals in an interview.

Mr. Weber, you’ve sold in a heyday of your company. Why?
Kurt Weber: After I had made ​​the Paninfo 1990/1991 the first system house of Switzerland, it went up to 2002/2003 with the company steadily upwards. Then eventually joined something like a stop, and we no longer grew as strong as in previous years. That would indeed have been a problem, because we were still viable, after we had somewhat rebuilt and strengthened the company focused in addition to large customers in the SME market. But somehow does one do when one grows only slowly, always the same, battling with the same problems and resolves them around again and again all over again until you just fed it once.

A sale out of frustration?
I played during this time often with people golf, who had sold their company successful. I gradually got the feeling that it would be great if you would have no more worries and had the resources to do what really makes a fun. It was also clear to me that this, if at all, should do as early as possible, and I therefore wanted to realize the sale before I’m 55.

How did you proceed?
I began to look for a buyer. And once you begin to deal with this process, it suddenly gets a momentum of its own, which can be difficult to control. Then when I signed for the sale, I really wanted to no longer sell. But there was no turning back, because so much is threaded and had been given internally announced that it had to be completed.

Have you repented of the step?
On the day when I suddenly had nothing more to say in the company, I had to fight. I had the office building at the headquarters was not soled and keep my office in the building. At first it was a strange feeling to sit in the same office as before, but to be able to take no more influence on things. I took it but then relaxed, enjoying the leisure and focused on new things.

But you were going to target your freedom genies sen and not again new?
Of course I did too. We took some and I had plenty of time to play golf. But I also noted that does not make me happy in the long term. I used to have to do with interesting people, and there are many valuable ideas and contacts from these meetings emerged. Suddenly I was playing golf with people who had no more goals wanted to achieve anything, except just to play golf. This, I realized that it was time to make me think about my future.

What new goals have you set?
On one hand I wanted to do something with real estate, because I had already invested in their own properties, and on the other hand, I had to make the idea a bit Professional within the provision of private businesses. I founded a company with 18 partners, who are also involved financially. We use our contacts to broker business deals. This is a great hobby.

What do you do to?
I have an offshoring company founded with my son in Bangladesh ( for software development. At Selise Hans Streuli (call group) as well as a well-known software developers from Bangladesh is involved. We started about a year ago and currently employ 20 staff, soon to be 30. But we do not bring people in Switzerland, but worldwide projects to Bangladesh. Our company is based in Dhaka, a city of 15 million people. We are at the local universities already well known, because we only employ the analytically most people. From thousands of applicants, we can select so that we very clearly set us apart in the quality of our services in an international comparison of other software companies.