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Introducing SELISE Creative by Imam&Don

August 13, 2018

In today’s fast-paced world, building fast and furious on a modern technology stack is a must, but when that can be complemented with a pinch of creative design, it can really set your solutions apart.

At SELISE, we relied heavily on our very capable User Experience team, where the relevance of creative content was the most pronounced. On the side, we regularly collaborated with external talents and agencies to mingle our experiences in software with our love for aesthetics, as we continued to add vibrant projects to the SELISE portfolio. Somewhere along the way, SELISE Creative came into being – a new team whose primary purpose is to inject a timely dash of color and life to our domain of enterprise solutions.

This new entity is the result of a collaboration between SELISE and Imam&Don. The boutique agency takes its name from the dynamic duo of Istela Kazi Imam and Katerina Don – who are no strangers to working with prestigious brands in hospitality, fashion and food. These ladies call the shots as Creative Directors, while SELISE ensures the influx of crazy ideas come to life in a digital sphere in all its glory.

...and that's how we roll 😀

SELISE Creative specialises in multichannel branding solutions- which cover the entire creative spectrum starting from brand identity development, creative direction, photography, videography, and UX to social media marketing, packaging, typography and custom illustrations. However, where the team really thrives in is in bringing your project to life through their electric creative endeavours.

Any creative process is messy and unpredictable – but this team promises to dive in and emerge with something that is as close to perfect as is humanly possible. With the (not so) secret equation of Intelligence + Heart + Human Touch, SELISE Creative knows the art of telling stories with astounding originality.

For a sneak peek into SELISE Creative and their projects, drop by their website! Follow the adventures of Imam&Don on their official Instagram account and Facebook.