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Introducing SELISE Smart City

July 11, 2017

SELISE and Amberg Loglay, an expert in providing logistics solutions, collaborated to establish SELISE Smart City with the intention to provide innovative, feasible and sustainable logistics solutions across the globe. SELISE Smart City envisions a world where city logistics are planned and optimized by big data, producing less emission, accelerating infrastructure development and providing more space to citizens.

Yvette Körber, CEO Amberg-Loglay

SELISE Smart City enables planning and management of logistics through the analysis of data, which are sourced from an integrated network consisting of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, vehicles, machinery and material, Open Data, Geographic Information System (GIS) data. These data are conjuncted with operations data provided by business customers and visually represented to portray an overall view of a given scenario.

Doing so, SELISE Smart City eases real-time decision making and facilitates long-term planning within government bodies and private entities. The wide set of tools, best practices and insights that stem from this joint venture are used by Cities, Infrastructure Developers, Postal and Delivery Services, Retail Chains, Government Agencies and other players within the field of city logistics.

The Smart City Team consists of software developers, data scientists, and business consultants. With an arsenal of BIM and GIS tools at disposal, the team constantly interprets data using various techniques from the field of big data and machine learning, in order to represent them in a meaningful way.

The team is developing a sophisticated platform consisting of such services under the umbrella term Logistics Insights Platform (LIP). In addition to that, the development of an application suite for real-time logistics management is currently underway.

Data Analytics

Our team of data scientists and business analysts are constantly processing traffic movement patterns, weather patterns and forecasts, logistics flows from ongoing constructions, other GIS and relevant information that affect logistics flows, and developing meaningful ways to represent them. These insights then facilitate planning and development of infrastructure across the globe to manage traffic and reach emission targets.

Second Opinion

SELISE’s expertise in complex data analytics, along with Amberg Loglay’s years of experience in the logistics industry, makes it possible to design innovative logistics solutions and concepts, and provide expert opinions to many entities across various industries in Europe. The synergy created by these two organizations’ core competencies allows SELISE Smart City to help you approach your pre-existing logistics solutions from new and more holistic perspectives.

Logistical Model Designing

We offer our services to design and redefine the logistics framework for a diverse set of entities, helping them to maintain the optimal level of logistics flow, as well as reduce congestion and emission footprints. We not only support private organizations with analytics and consultancy, but also extend our services towards public entities and cities to help them design their overall traffic and logistics movement ecosystem. This helps citywide infrastructure development planning and keeping traffic flows at optimal levels and reaching emission targets.

Logistics Planning & Management

We provide user-friendly, responsive software solutions to our partners. With the assistance of our analytical solutions, our partners can utilize various data that lend a helping hand in planning their movements ahead of time. The operational modules we offer deal with real time management of logistics flows for several industries through tracking of materials carried in vehicles and the vehicles themselves. This is especially important for construction industries, as mismanagement of logistics begets monumental increases in costs.

Looking Ahead

In the future, the Smart City team intends to develop its offerings and analytics based on data collected from sensors attached to different shipped components – for instance, construction materials – to offer post-operational services as well as more complex simulation systems.

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