World’s Smartest Loop Library

While search engines are seeking for new algorithms and AI to extend text search to media content, Jamahook delivers the world’s first sophisticated “Search by Tune”. It has teamed up with SELISE and Fraunhofer to build the world's smartest Loop Library.

Think how you can use Google’s or Pinterest’s image search capabilities to search for visually similar images, right? Now imagine the same for your professional composition, or amateur tune – except the search results are not just similar, they are a perfect match to yours and sound great when played together!

The Jamahook Founder, Karim Bhorania, has teamed up with SELISE and the Fraunhofer Institute to build what is now possibly the world’s smartest loop library.

Jamahook brings together amateurs, musicians and producers through music from anywhere across the world. It brings out the inner maestro within everyone and helps create incredible new pieces in minutes!

Whether it’s only a percussive beat, a violin melody or simply a ten second vocal piece, Jamahook will offer sound matches based on Harmony, Timbre, Rhythm and Tempo, and will let you find out how cool they sound together.

You can upload tracks, find matching tracks that complement your upload, and mix those tunes to create a “Jam” using the JamPlayer that you can share with your friends and social media. You can also sell your uploaded tunes and jams! In this way, Jamahook aims to be a platform to create, collaborate and share music in exciting new ways.

Find the Perfect Loop

Find matching sounds quickly with Jamahook’s “Upload and Match” feature.

This feature works in two stages.

First, the uploaded track is analyzed by the unique matchmaking algorithm by Fraunhofer Institute.

Then, the results are used by Jamahook to suggest relevant loops that synchronize perfectly with the uploaded tune, and users can further filter the suggestions by harmony, rhythm, tempo and timbre.

This is great for, let’s say a singer who has a vocal record but doesn’t know which instrument to add to it – she can upload her track on Jamahook and find numerous beats or instrumentals from Jamahook’s growing library.

By mixing her record with a number of such loops within the JamPlayer, our singer may easily compose a complete song.

The Dynamic JamPlayer

Jamahook’s JamPlayer is equipped with core Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) functionalities, that make composing music an immersive experience.

You can listen to multiple matches simultaneously with your own track on the JamPlayer. You then get to decide which loop will start and end when, how long or how many times it will play, and what its volume level will be. If you like a particular match, but its tempo does not suit yours, you can easily convert its BPM.

And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional. The UI of the JamPlayer is designed in such an engaging way that you are bound to get the most out of your musical talent.

With the JamPlayer, you can orchestrate your own symphony, and just like a conductor who enthralls the audience in an opera, you get to amaze the whole world by sharing your creations on social media.

Jam. Collaborate. Share

Jamahook makes collaboration among artists a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Users can share the editing rights of their jams with friends and other musicians. This allows music lovers further accessorize someone else’s finished tracks as well as jam online in real-time with other artists.

Jamahook’s social features give you a taste of being part of a global music community. You can share your tunes and jams with people to listen to from the news feed as well as see what they have to say and show some love for what others are making.

For mesmerizing tunes, two musicians might sometimes be better than one. So let’s jam or let others remix your tracks.

A Growing Marketplace

Jamahook is not just a platform to create and share great music, but it is also a growing marketplace for musicians and artists.

Jamahook lets you sell your music at exactly how you value it through the platform. Upload your tracks, define your price and let the Jamahook algorithm bring it to the people who are looking for music like yours. Our royalty system automatically distributes the commission among the artists involved in the music that is being sold.

The marketplace also serves as a secure online database for all your creative work. It keeps a record of all the music you have made over time and lets you keep it all in one place.

So why wait? Get started with Jamahook, the world’s sound playground!

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