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JetQuote – A brand new approach within the Aviation Industry

June 9, 2015

SELISE has always considered its proximity to the startup industry one of its core differentiators. Its recent partnership with JetQuote is yet another contribution to that sector. JetQuote promotes a platform that lets users charter a private jet instantly using their mobile devices or a web application.

Charter your personal jet via mobile
Charter your personal jet via mobile

But the story does not end here. Upon requesting a private jet to fly a certain route on a certain date the platform triggers a real time quoting process among eligible aircraft operators. By doing so JetQuote does not only make life easier for high profile travelers, but also accommodates aircraft operators with a modern fleet management panel, pricing analytics and other effective business tools.

Responsive Bidding Admin Portal
Responsive bidding admin portal

JetQuote’s core business idea has been transformed into a one-stop-solution for numerous customers who now directly interact with a multitude of aircraft operators that meet the requested flight criteria. The technology stack and architecture behind such a marketplace crave scalability and smart logic in order to serve peak times and ensure constant integrity while sending real time updates to different clients. This is exactly where SELISE came in, building a scalable system that tackles the complexity of handling different stakeholders in real time.

Compare among different flight plans
Compare among different flight plans

In terms of technical challenges, SELISE created the platform in Java using spring, hibernate-jpa and nginx. The team used J2EE on the backend with a postgres database and AngularJS on the frontend. The major parts of the product were built in early 2014, thus Objective C was used on the iPhone app. With all of these in place, JetQuote is ready to take off with a rock solid MVP that has been built in a highly market oriented and efficient way.

Development Details

Frameworks Technology Staging Production Deployment
Spring MVC
Java, AngularJS, MySQL
IBM Softlayer
IBM Softlayer