Julian Weber on modern ICT Strategies for SMEs - SELISE

Julian Weber on modern ICT Strategies for SMEs

May 30, 2012

Swiss ICT Magazine in their May issue 2012 published an article based on a discussion with Julian Weber, CEO at SELISE. Mr. Weber in this article mentions the current trend towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Business Software which to some extent makes the software decisions inside Business Units independent from platforms, programming languages and database systems.

According to him SOA reduces dependency on monolithic application stacks and platforms provided at high license fees. Nowadays modern technology not only allows big corporates but also SMEs to strongly improve the cost/ performance ratio of their ICT by applying SOA in a smart way.

The article is written in German and can be retrieved under the following link:
Web: click here for the online edition
Scan of original: click here to retrieve the pdf