June 3, 2013

Yes… you did not read wrong! We have rockstar developers among us. Just now you may be picturing someone on a stage banging heads with the roaring crowd around him holding well… a keyboard? Then we are afraid… that’s not our rockstar!

For us, a rockstar developer here of course is not the super crazy guy who blows up the stage and defies the rules but the cool guy who with his extreme talent gets things done just like snapping your finger. A rockstar developer doesn’t picture himself as a “megastar” or “idol”. He is someone with proven excellence and advanced knowledge, is reliable and can work under huge pressure along with the team. You can see him participating in different spheres of the software community and often stand out with his own work and contributions. He is someone you can definitely respect and look up to. According to the article “Top Ten Traits of a Rockstar Software Engineer” on Read Write Web, the top ten qualities in a rockstar are:

  1. Loves To Code
  2. Gets Things Done
  3. Continuously Refactors Code
  4. Uses Design Patterns
  5. Writes Tests
  6. Leverages Existing Code
  7. Focuses On Usability
  8. Writes Maintainable Code
  9. Can Code In Any Language
  10. Knows Basic Computer Science

What does a Rockstar possess? Fame, ego, talent, unbelievable passion and maybe brilliance to the point where they self destruct. But the question is when did programmers also start to share the same qualities? Well as the demand for technology professionals went extremely high it became a race of exposing yourself and showing off. This race with time gave many successful programmers the sense and virtual fame of a rockstar and as a result they became in charge of their destiny. Without any doubt these are the people we want onboard with us. Here at SELISE we consider two things in a rockstar developer: talent and passion. We tend to believe no one can just become a rockstar by reading books because being a rockstar comes with not only analytical brilliance but also with passion that you either got or you don’t.

When we choose our rockstars, we strongly emphasize on his or her substantial domain knowledge and experiences. We always look for a wild combination where the guy has talent, passion, creativity and the bravery to expose his work and ideas. So we follow a strategic way to recruit the rockstar developers since they are vital to our each and every project. Compared with other software firms we ensure that abilities and talents are properly utilized here at SELISE to get a result that is truly rewarding! One of the things that we are very conscious about is providing a flexible environment where rockstar developers can exert their optimum level of creativity. To keep them updated about modern technology and what happens on the client end, we give them proper training, send them to onsite visits at different clients all over the world. From the initial stage of a project they get full freedom to discuss issues and concerns with our clients. At SELISE we provide state of the art facilities and benefits going beyond industry standards.

So that’s the answer to the widely raised question among our competitors “Why Do They Rock So Hard?” 😉