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Lady in approach: SELISE Developer Team diversifies

January 3, 2014

Until today only the HR and SQA teams absorbed females but as of January 2014 the first female developer is on board with SELISE. She is the first woman in SELISE history to pass our assessment center brilliantly.

Farhana Haque receiving her appointment letter from CTO Shah Ali Newaj on November 11th 2013
Farhana Haque receiving her appointment letter from CTO Shah Ali Newaj on November 11th 2013

SELISE being a team of Rockstar Developers always throws in the hardest hurdles to the software developers to prove themselves worthy of joining the Rockstar Team! Until today, we still had only guys passing our assessment test and been crossing our fingers tightly to get a Female Rockstar on board.

More than 1000 applications came in for the job post of the Android Developer whereas we were able to select only 300 out of them to be called for assessment session. This session is a tough nut to crack, all the applicants being talented programmers were having a really hard time getting through the challenge thrown by our CTO, Mr. Shah Ali Newaj.

It was a really pleasing moment when Ms. Farhana Haque, a Dhaka University graduate and ex-Samsung employee was one of the few to pass the test. Newaj quotes, “I always look at the analytical ability of a person. Unfortunately not yet many Girls decide to go into CSE studies and software. It’s a global phenomenon, not only in Bangladesh. This is not only the first time for SELISE but even in my whole 15 years of career the first time a lady passes my test.”

SELISE, a Swiss venture has always represented itself as a diversified Software Laboratory. Already having excellent female performers in HR and SQA team, SELISE always aims to nurture a balanced and diversified team. CEO, Mr. Julian A. Weber states, “Global demand for hi class software services is exponentially rising and clients do not accept any excuses. As a pure tech lab with leading standards we cannot hire people because they are sympathetic or just because we need to uphold some quotas. The more I am excited having a Lady passing our Assessment Center. Wishing her a good start and hope to have more females entering our Lab in the future.”