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SELISE facilitates easy and cost-effective legacy code conversion with Phoenix

August 31, 2020

SELISE has launched Phoenix, a service that can help companies convert their software running on VB6, or Real Visual Basic, into C#, on August 7.

Despite the prevalence of modern programming languages such as VB.NET or C#, a lot of companies are still losing precious time and resources behind the maintenance of expensive VB6 applications. This is partially due to the fact that for a lot of programmers, migrating to C# from VB6 poses a steep learning curve, resulting in the inability of companies to shift from VB6 and leading to a loss in productivity.

This is where Phoenix comes in. Phoenix offers companies a smart and easy way to make their system secure and compatible with modern software solutions. Combining the most advanced migration methodology with the experience resources of SELISE, Phoenix can help facilitate conversions at highly competitive prices. Clients can be assured of the full functional equivalence of their new code.

Consumers will only have to follow a few simple steps to conduct their legacy software conversion- book a free consultation on Phoenix with a SELISE team of expert web developers, receive a quotation and guidelines on their next steps, share their code with the team for the actual conversion to C#, and then continue participating in regular meetings to familiarize themselves with the new code. After migration is completed, all documents and manuals will be handed over to the clients, and SELISE will continue to provide follow-up support for any updates on the new codes.

Aside from promising cost-efficiency and higher productivity, Phoenix’s code migration services provide clients the following benefits:

High security: Phoenix will offer a tried-and-tested conversion service that uses the proven scalable cloud technology of Microsoft, enabling maximum security for any software.

Ease of maintenance: The abundant number of highly trained SELISE developers will negate the need for investment in large groups of programmers, thus reducing operational costs for any company.

Simplified syntax: Phoenix will guarantee companies don’t lose their pace by generating steady updates on the new codes, for years to come.

Automatic memory management: While omitting the need for rewriting codes manually, Phoenix can also guarantee there will be no memory management issues as the conversion technology preserves existing business logic and algorithms.

Object-oriented codes: Businesses can achieve their maximum potential through continuous growth on C#.

Post-migration support: Customers can also get all kinds of post-migration support, such as bug fixes, after the legacy software has been converted.

Updates, fixes or code libraries which are readily available on C# have stopped making their appearance on VB6 a long time ago. Consequently, it has become harder and more time-consuming for companies to keep on using applications on VB6. Phoenix is a perfect matchmaking service for any company that wants quick, easy and cost-effective access to a team of developers who will modernize codes with a fast and flexible code conversion service technology, leading to a boost in productivity, efficiency and profitability for companies.

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