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Liberty Global Is Live With Wholesale Portal

August 31, 2017

The global telco sector is renowned for selling complex products in an environment that is continuously being shaped and reshaped. This dynamism stems primarily from two unique factors. On one hand we have the continuous influx of innovative and disruptive solutions; on the other hand, we have major players constantly trying to outwit each other by crafting the better offer for their customers.

SELISE has been heavily involved with the development of telco solutions, a by-product of which has been over 10 major go-lives in just the last 12 months. In July this year, yet another partner of SELISE – Liberty Global – went live with a portal solution that focuses on their wholesale business that spans across some major European countries.

The portal, named by Liberty Global as their Wholesale Portal, is the first step towards digitizing their wholesale internet business. SELISE has been consulting on this project with the core Liberty Global team in Zurich since December 2016. The main challenge was to synchronize operations across the eight major Liberty Global markets. On top of that, SELISE wanted to offer Liberty Global a state-of-the-art portal that makes it easy for their customers to place their quotation requests.

The first release was scoped out keeping these two challenges at the core and focused heavily on digitizing their Quote-to-Order process. After grueling rounds of wireframing and requirement writing iterations, the portal was first exhibited on 15 May 2017 in an international expo on wholesale internet. The portal was still in its prototype state but was able to show the scope to the interested audience.


Following a successful show, the Wholesale Portal saw a number of important additions to it including a more advanced quote-response system with budgetary quotes and other timely improvements. SELISE was swift in making these last minute additions, which were imperative towards a successful first release. The Portal finally went live on 25 July and has been open ever since to accept quotation requests from global customers.

It’s fun to work with the SELISE team. They helped us manage requirements and understood our need for a solid solution that caters to all the complexities the telco market is exposed to.” says Ekrem Koeylueer, Vice President Wholesale Data.

About Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, with operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. It connects 25 million customers who subscribe to over 60 million television, broadband internet and telephony services. It is also a major player when it comes to enterprise services, with fiber connections to more than 250,000 business sites.


SELISE was founded by Julian A. Weber and his father Kurt D. Weber (the former Owner of Paninfo AG) in 2010. Headstrong in the purpose of delivering speed, quality and utmost transparency, the Switzerland headquartered company runs its entire operation from the three propitious Asian countries that are Bangladesh, Bhutan and the UAE. Since its inception, SELISE has prided itself on its ability to make unfaltering consumer centric software solutions.

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