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Offshoring to Bangladesh

December 1, 2011

For western people Bangladesh has been forgotten I think mainly due to the sheer size of its neighbour India. Nevertheless the 7th largest population in the world, bobs up from its people revolution against the Pakistan army 1971 followed by severe killing of economic key players such as business men, professors and other societal leaders. Meanwhile the country already ranks 45th in terms of its real GDP. Bangladesh’s economic growth in support of its family driven social system (i.e. family networks take care of their members) made life expectancy rise from 60 (2000) to 70 years (2011) within only eleven years (see CIA Factbook). This is clearly exceeding India and Russia with 66 years and going far beyond African countries.

Despite those tremendous economic and societal advancements the software industry in Bangladesh still is not considered adequately by the global IT market. This leads to the fact that brilliant developers in Bangladesh either go abroad or remain working on legacy systems under outdated SDLC methodologies in factory-a-like working environments.

Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

There are only few companies running according to the latest Technology and Methodology standards in Bangladesh. Hence the advanced post-university schooling, education and training as required for high end software developers is borne by a small group of corporates only. They therefore gather a strong binding with their developers allowing for attrition on senior level to remain low. I agree Bangladesh – same as India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia or any other country in Asia – might be a dangerous place for Software Offshore Outsourcing. When partnering companies in the top end, however, worlds most brilliant software developers and architects are staying hungry for challenge (Compare Gartner ranks Bangladesh among top 30 Destinations for Sofware Outsourcing versus Microsourcing ranks it as dangerous place).