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Rockstar in Dhaka, Mentor in Bhutan

September 7, 2016

Dhaka and Thimphu may not have much in common but to the people of SELISE, both are home.

Our rockstars often travel back and forth between Bhutan and Bangladesh for the love of what they do. The most recent and one of the most impactful visits was that of Wadud Khandaker, one of our front end leads, on his trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the trip, spanning from mid July to mid August, was to facilitate the structuring of a dynamic Front End team in Bhutan so that they could take on one of the biggest Angular JS projects in our hands right now. Under Wadud’s guidance, the team was expected to be up and running, but in hindsight, a lot more was achieved than what this ever-smiling rockstar initially had set out to do.

Having never been to Bhutan before, Wadud and his wife Nusrat experienced a lot of things for the first time. Taking the mountainous route and doing a bit of climbing to reach our office in the Thimphu TechPark proved to be quite the daily adventure for Wadud. We can totally vouch for it because he came back looking fitter and finer than ever before! The two of them enthusiastically tried out the local cuisine but soon their taste buds started to long for the spicy, Bangladeshi cuisine. So when Nusrat took over the kitchen at the Silver Pine hotel, Wadud was a happy man once again. In between busy schedules, the couple took out time to visit places like Dochula Pass, Punakha and Budhha Point. The scenic beauty and the locals’ hospitality were amazing as always.

Julian managed to drop by for a surprise visit as well. The Bhutan office bustled with energy, and the CEO capped off the proceedings on a high note by celebrating with the whole squad and experiencing the Bhutan nightlife scene.

Looking back, our rockstar is positive about the contribution he has been able to make as a mentor to the team in Bhutan. Anticipating the results, he is now sitting fingers crossed. Oh wait, at SELISE, we are always on the run!

Dyuty Auronee
Intern 2016, SELISE