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How Can Your Company Profit Using CRM Tools During A Lockdown?

Kazi ZulkarnainKazi Zulkarnain | February 18, 2021 | 297 Views
Meetings during pandemic

The last few months have seen a drastic change in the ways businesses operate. Offices have shut down. Employees have been sent home to work remotely. The advent of COVID-19 has raised questions about some crucial management capacities – how do you reach out to your leads and prospects when you cannot even venture out of your houses? How do you keep track of all the tasks that have been delegated to far-flung employees without the fear of losing productivity? Or promote sales to different customer segments keeping a clear, consistent corporate message in mind?

This is where a Customer Management Relationship (CRM) tool can come in handy for managers. For many years, organizations have put less focus on their CRM software, preferring to seek other ways of reaching out to employees and customers. However, now is the time to invest in your existing – or even a new – CRM software, so you can explore its varied features and never lose a sales lead or spend hours writing emails to your employees.

What is CRM, and what does it do?

Whenever the term CRM is mentioned, people usually refer to a CRM system or a tool that can help you with contact management, sales management, keeping up employee productivity, and other activities.

Simply put, CRM is used to manage your company’s relationships and interactions between employees and existing and potential customers. The goal is to improve business relationships by streamlining processes, staying connected, and improving the productivity of the whole organization.

With such a handy tool at your disposal, your company can sustain relationships with individual people throughout your entire lifecycle with them – from the very beginning of acquisition to the very end of post-project support – without spending any amount of considerable time and money.

And how do you enjoy all these benefits?
Well, there are several ways a CRM tool can keep the flow of your company productivity and business relationships uninterrupted, even when you are afraid of losing them at a time of global crisis.

Never miss an opportunity to acquire a lead
With everyone working remotely, a massive load of data is being transmitted online everyday, which increases the possibility of some of it going missing. Important leads and prospects might get lost before it even reaches the right person. This is where a good CRM system can help, as it can be easily integrated with the site’s webforms., for example, allows you to capture leads online through an integrated form. Important information on a customer can be imported automatically to be rerouted to the right person, or, at the very least, it will stay in a database without anything getting lost.

Integrate it with your existing office systems
Most good CRM tools come with the option to integrate the software with the existing G Suite or Microsoft Office applications. This allows you to spend less time on manually navigating between different apps to keep track of activities – like upcoming appointments and meetings. Also, you have less chance of forgetting about them. With everything in one place, everyone can stay on the same page when talking with a prospect or even from someone within the company – despite working remotely.

Customize emails, SMS and send them in bulk
Nothing works more as an act of goodwill than to show your customers that you care about their well-being at a time of panic and disorder. CRM tools can help you send emails and SMS using customizable templates. You can target specific companies and send personalized mails in bulk by putting them in separate segments based on location, previous work history, or future prospects. This helps to provide consistency in your corporate message while reaching out to a mass audience. Plenty of CRM tools provide this option, including SELISE ARC.

Continue campaigning to promote sales
CRM tools can also help with your digital marketing. In fact, that is one of the main aspects of a good CRM system. All the top software including HubSpot, Zoho CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics offer you everything you need to keep the market thriving. For example, Zoho, a cloud-based CRM solution, offers an omnichannel platform that helps you to connect with customers across different channels, and marketing attribution tools that give you insights into the distribution of your campaign budgets corresponding to ROI data. Meanwhile, Bitrix24 offers a free CRM system for the sales team that features all essential tools, such as sales funnel, pipeline management and a 360 degree customer view, for improved sale conversion and multichannel communications.

Forecast sales

A lot of the CRM software also helps you forecast sales. Zoho has an AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, to help you predict sales outcomes, detect anomalies, enrich data, and even identify email sentiments to find the best time to contact someone. You can also make a weighted decision after you have browsed through all the data on your latest auto-generated sales report. There are plenty of other options as well, so your department can plan ahead for how to keep up sales when the pandemic is nearing its end.

Keep up employee productivity
Oftentimes, with no face-to-face interaction or in-person meetings, things might go missing or simply forgotten. But configuring a CRM application’s workflows and alerts can get the right person to get reminded when a quote needs follow-up or a lead needs further contact, at the right time. Nimble assigns tasks to anyone with improved sales pipeline tracking and reporting. In case of an employee falling ill and is late to respond, for example, assigns tasks to teammates automatically, in case someone is late to respond. Some of them even have AI-powered automation that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. If you want employees to have a visual direction on their tasks and assignments, Milanote provides a few great options. Mostly designed for a creative team, employees can use different techniques or moodboards for brainstorming, storyboarding, collaborating or writing briefs, giving them a sense of office space without the need for a physical location.

And finally, view all the stats!
You can access customizable dashboards, real-time data visualizations, and service reports on customer and employee behaviour that gives you multiple options to compare, contrast and derive insights from the available data. Having all the statistics in one place reduces your need to open up tons of spreadsheets or employ a dedicated team to search data, and a good CRM solution gives you just that.

These are tough times for all kinds of businesses, whether it is a local shop on the street or the biggest enterprise in your country. However, there are lessons to learn from the experience as well. By investing in a good CRM tool, companies can acquaint themselves with its features and keep growing now, and in the near future as well.

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