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How to Make Effective Landing Pages

Kazi ZulkarnainKazi Zulkarnain | February 18, 2021 | 999 Views

A landing page is a web page designed with a specific purpose or goal that it is supposed to fulfil. It is the first page that new visitors land on in order to get information about a product or service. A landing page always has a set target. For example, landing pages may impact sales by generating qualified business leads and directing potential customers to products (or online checkout portals). It can have an indirect impact on sales by encouraging free trials or subscriptions to the original content. It may also encourage registrations in various membership programs. It is important to firstly identify the end goal for your landing page, and build the entire page around that goal.

A landing page must have the following components in order to function effectively:

Unique Selling Proposition and Clear Call-to-Action

It is important to convey the differentiating feature which makes the particular product or service stand out from its competitors. This is the hook that compels the visitor to take an action.

However, the unique selling proposition alone is not enough. It has to be paired with a distinct call-to-action. Having convinced the customer to take an action, it is important to then facilitate that action. This is usually a button (in order to take the customer to the desired destination) or a form (in order to avail information). The copy accompanying the call to action should be compelling, and should highlight the benefits from the visitors’ point of view. It should also be short and to the point.

There are multiple approaches to structuring the landing page in terms of Call-to-Action placements. Some pages provide the call to actions at the very top of the webpage. All supporting elements are put under it.


A good example of such a structure is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a platform that offers a comprehensive social media dashboard and other relevant services. Hootsuite’s landing page prominently features the call-to-action button at the very top of the web page, and it is the first component all visitors see.  A good example of the second structure is SELISE Page Builder’s landing page. Page Builder is a product which can be used to easily build websites with the use of drag and drop widgets and templates. The call to action in this case is a form which allows visitors to initiate a conversation with the developer team. Because the form is situated at the bottom of the page, the visitor absorbs all the supporting information before reaching the desired call to action.

Credibility is one of the most important aspects when appealing to new visitors. It is important for the visitors to know that the business is reliable and can deliver what it promises. There are two major ways of gaining credibility - testimonials/reviews and listing key stakeholders. One of the most convincing aspects are testimonials and reviews from past clients and customers. Positive and insightful comments adds a social element to the credibility of the business. Another way of gaining credibility is by listing major partner, client and facilitator businesses. Adding links to well-written case studies on major projects/clients can also help in this regard.

Benefits and Features of the Product or Service
New visitors are not always aware of the features they can expect from a particular service. There may also be features which sets the product apart. Clearly communicating the most prominent and important benefits and features offered by the product/service is therefore very important. Furthermore, providing additional information like pricing (and any free trial offers) may help.


A good balance between texts and visual elements is necessary for any landing page. We naturally respond a lot more to visual cues - and successful landing pages use this nature to their advantage. A wide variety of visuals can be used, including attractive banner images, relevant icons, pictures, and even snaps of the product. A good example of the use of visuals is HubSpot’s landing page. They use a very attractive banner to convey product features, high-level use cases while ensuring proper landing-page aesthetics.

Attractive Headlines, Copies and Text
This applies to all components in a landing page. It is important to have persuasive and succinct copy and text throughout the web page. It is also necessary to use the words which are being used by potential customers to look for such products, services, and features. Good storytelling through texts can go a long way to convert visitors into customers.

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