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SELISE 2016 HY2 Review: Nurturing Old Partnerships, Forging New Ones

March 14, 2017

In the second half of 2016, the SELISE family delved in work that was both inspiring and invigorating.

Staying on Top

And Growing Outward!

Starting from the launch of a successful prototype in digital transformation for a prominent insurance firm to partnering up with a leading logistics company to create smart solutions for modern cities, it has been a hectic and rewarding second half. The focus throughout has been to keep delighting our partners with newer and better products while venturing out in the search for even more ways to meaningfully contribute to the tech world.

While deployments, releases and meetings were abound, SELISE did not let work get in the way of organizing a party, setting off a few fireworks and ending the year in style. Here are all the latest scoops from your favorite family.


The Emerging Dragon.

After winning over a telco giant with the successful launch of a partner portal in November 2016, SELISE continued to partner in their quest for digitalization. The portal, which was developed in the Bhutan labs, is now evolving towards a solution that can cater to multiple departments within the business ecosystem. With Angular on a Ruby backend, the platform also has a suave Google Material feel to it to boot. The solution is gradually shaping up to be a complete telco suite for the whole organization.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Playing in the Big Leagues.

Building on our existing partnership with a prominent Swiss insurance firm, SELISE offered a second business unit that sought to digitize Private Client business by primarily selling premium insurance products to high net worth individuals. This consultation presented the partner with a roadmap that not only aligns their business objectives with digital touch points but can also revolutionize insurance as a whole.

While it is easy to fix something broken, SELISE likes to take that extra step towards perfection. That’s why our consultants set out to Dusseldorf, Germany to conduct workshops with an application provider who serves thousands of garages with a useful operation management system. After numerous meetings, two web-based applications were agreed upon and the transformation consultancy laid out a roadmap on how the business should grow through digital innovation, making day-to-day activities faster, smoother and cooler.

Going Live in Record Time

Setting Standards.

Consulting is only half the solution and SELISE enjoys completing the stories for clients and their customers. With that in mind, we created a simple web application through which customers can book service appointments the smart way – by using a system which directly communicates with a car dealership’s ERP backend. It took a mere two and a half months to arrange for this user- and business-friendly platform to go live – setting another record for what constitutes rockstar timing.

On December ’16, our partnership with one of the leading Swiss providers of information technology proved to be very rewarding. We went live with an eService application with a Swiss municipality that collects live feed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, and displays them in a simplistic yet attractive manner. The collection of feed is easily integrable into any website and can be viewed in most devices due to its responsive attributes.

Smart City

Powered by SELISE.

With the mission to make life simpler with technology, we dived head first into the exciting new paradigm of urban planning – Smart City. Partnering up with a major player in the field of logistics, we plan to reduce overheads and system losses for businesses and cities around the world through extensive studies of traffic, GIS and infrastructural data. Related variables will then be used to form simulations, analytics and business intelligence to bring about radical changes in the field of logistics planning. With an ever broader scale of operations around the world, there is no knowing where Smart City might end up as a game-changer.

Rajiv Hassan, SELISE CPO, says..

“At SELISE we like to work on projects that challenge us because it simply feels amazing when you take a large set of unknowns and bring them together into a solid product that is actually being used and loved.”

Welcoming the New Year with Flair

Annual Dinner 2017.

SELISE celebrated another year of success on its Annual Dinner, hosted on January 3rd, 2017 at the Dhaka Office. Spirits were kept high with delicious food, lively entertainment and goodies brought over from the land of watches and chocolates by the CEO himself. The event was attended by SELISIANs in Dhaka, with special appearances from the dynamic team in Bhutan through Hangouts, because God bless technology.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Most Valuable SELISIAN Awards 2016

The speech session at the Annual Dinner was followed by the first awards ceremony for the Most Valuable SELISIAN 2016, where SELISE honored the contribution of eleven individuals whose efforts helped SELISE excel in more than one instance. They were applauded for being the dynamic individuals that they are, and for being there, unfalteringly, whenever the company needed a rockstar to save the day. Each of these individuals were given a crest to commemorate the event, adding even more grandeur to the most anticipated event of the year.

Julian Weber, SELISE CEO, says..

“From the very beginning, the only constant at SELISE has been growth and growth comes with change. Our ability to constantly embrace the new is what we want to be recognized as, and I believe it will make us stronger than ever in the years to come.”

A Year Older, A Year Wiser

Aging Like Wine!

At the end of the year, one thing was fairly evident- a team that sticks together through thick and thin, will do great things together. The company drives on today, with unwavering dedication, aiming to redefine success every step of the way in the new year. And even though we’ve had to say goodbye to a number of our employees, we’re always adding new talent to our ever-growing family – so if you’re an awesome coder, or an analyst who loves viewing business from quirky new angles, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

And so we move into the new year with our glasses held high, brimming with new hope, because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, the best is yet to come.