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SELISE 2018 Yearly Review

January 7, 2019
January, 2018

Amberg Loglay is a Swiss company that combines modern analytics, design, planning and technology competencies to develop and implement breakthrough solutions. Selise and Amberg Loglay collaborated to develop a solution named Construction Logistics Management (CLM).

The solution facilitates the planning of shipment arrival times, unloading time, materials and associated unloading equipment. It also provides real-time vehicle tracking and delivery planning using mobile devices and intelligent infrastructure data. The fleet can be tracked and controlled via a web platform. This eco-system offers a common transparent platform for all parties involved in a construction project.

April, 2018

SELISE redesigned and revamped the Outdoorchef website template to enhance the online customer experience.

The new website is built on enterprise grade WordPress setup, making it lighter and faster than before. We created an event module that lets customer personalize their booking, tracks all automated emails sent by the system. Visitors can now directly buy accessories from the website product page or locate physical stores from where they can purchase. The online shop is automatically synced with SAP.

June, 2018

Situated at the foot of the Grison Alps, the InterContinental Davos boasts stunning architecture and awe-inspiring views.

SELISE Creative conceptualized and developed a website that captures the essence of Davos’ natural beauty and Swiss geniality. Both web and mobile versions of the website are built on SEO friendly content architecture, with keyword optimization for three languages. To our delight, the website is ranking 1st for relevant branded keywords and this has led organic search to become the biggest source of website traffic.

July, 2018

BG group is a consulting engineering company active in the fields of environment, building and energy. Founded in Switzerland, they also have subsidiaries in France, Algeria and Italy.

We created BG DATasset, an auditing tool for them with the purpose of auditing, certification and data collection. This solution is used to audit infrastructure projects and production sites. In addition to the data, media files such as photos and videos can be collected for the audit all of which can later be managed, evaluated or exported in a web application. Another important feature of this app is its offline support, the app can collect data in offline mode and later sync with the main system.

Moreover, the platform offers a large number of statistical functions, which provide auditors with all the state-of-the-art evaluations required for this industry. All results of the application can be made available to customers and test centers in automatically generated reports which reduces the manual effort considerably.

August, 2018

SELISE Digital has been partnering with Vorwerk International since mid-2017 to improve the overall online presence of Thermomix. Their global template for websites got a complete design makeover with a modern infusion that focused on the Thermomix and its impact on the users’ lifestyle. Over 2018, we have deployed 10 country websites in 3 continents and contributed to a 30% increase in overall website conversions from 2017.

We also created a simplified community module that fits seamlessly into the main global template and allows users to upload their own recipes. Recipes are easier to find with advanced schema support and allow users to interact with each other through comments and ratings. Around 5000 members have created over 6500 recipes with a 7% weekly growth in traffic.

September, 2018

Grand Basel, sister fair of the world-renowned Art Basel, went public on the 6th of September, 2018. This exhibition unveiled a range of exceptional and exclusive automobiles from rare vintage pieces to contemporary supercars.

We developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and the show’s mobile application on our ECAP platform. The app is supported on all major iOS and Android devices. The app has ECAP smartcomm messaging that lets the users interact with the exhibitors. The project also made use of Bluetooth-based beacon technology that allowed allowed users inside the venue to detect and identify exhibits that were nearby. It also triggered notifications for users when they were nearby cars they had previously favourited. From managing ticket information to recognizing the user’s favorite car with all its details – the app has the user covered from the beginning till the end.

September, 2018

We created a wholesale portal for Liberty Global Switzerland, world’s largest internet and broadband company.

Clients can log-in to our portal to place their order, single or in bulk. LG employees can also create orders for their customer. Clients can also connect their existing systems to our portal and create orders on our portal through their own portal. The portal can track the order from creation to delivery, enabling a seamless journey for the customer.

October, 2018

We created an integrated digital platform for Thermomix Switzerland that seamlessly integrates data between 3 systems: e-shop website, advisor portal, ARC- Acquisition and Retention Cloud and triggers action based on incoming data.

The advisor portal facilitates end-to-end conversion journeys for potential customers and employees. It is also linked to the E-shop and ERP to capture, store and mobilize sales data. An events module allow advisor to self-manage their events with automation features.

October, 2018

Swiss life select specializes in the financial planning of private households and the brokerage of financial products.

We developed a domain driven application that would enhance the process of financial life management for clients, advisors, product managers and other key stakeholders of Swiss Life Select. As part of the Select Network project, SELISE developed a modern client portal (FiLiP - Financial Life Planner) equipped with integrations to legacy systems and also expert services such as FinAPI. The portal allows advisors to gather client data based on which they can create optimized financial solutions.

After another year of moving forward, we aim to keep providing innovative solutions for new challenges. As we step into 2019, we aspire to continue our journey of innovation and growth.