SELISE 2019 Yearly Review

A look at some of the successful projects SELISE has completed and delivered during 2019.

SWICA and SELISE have collaborated to build an ecosystem that connects customers to over 25 thousand enlisted therapists specialising in alternative medicine. SWICA serves around 1.5 million insured people and 27,000 corporate clients. The ecosystem built by SELISE connects customers, healthcare professionals and other relevant online platforms for SWICA’s alternative medicine insurance services, where customers can directly locate therapists of their choice and book appointments online.

Among a multitude of insurance products, Generali Switzerland provides construction guarantees to its customers to ensure the successful completion of a construction project. Generali has collaborated with SELISE and developed a portal that facilitates efficient issuing of surety bonds for construction companies (Construction Guarantees) while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with the traditional process of issuing bonds. By connecting both internal and external stakeholders of construction guarantees, it allows Generali to assess the project details, approve an application and issue a bond.

Released in February 2017, ePrivateWealth (ePW) is an online self-service portal to enable SwissLife partners log-in access from different devices, view up-to-date market information, communicate with wealth planners, process digital applications with digital signatures, upload and download transactional forms and marketing documents. The new “Policy Information” section introduced in collaboration with SELISE gives business partners the ability to view their clients’ policies, with displayed lists, statistics (in both graphical and numeric formats), detailed information, search filters, transaction history and overviews of commision payments. Moreover, integration with banks allowed applications to be filled out at banks and be stored on the portal.

SELISE has launched Swiss Life Select for SL Austria and SL Czech Republic. The portals connect to banks in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and adapt to the new PSD2 laws in Europe. SELISE has also completed the onboarding and has gone live with Fincentrum in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fincentrum’s business success has recently met a digitized and modernized platform developed by SELISE FiLiP (Financial Life Planning) portal, which started off as a collaborative financial application. FiLip is now augmented with PSD2 bank connection, comprehensive financial transaction summaries and seamless connection to Fincentrum’s backend systems.

Sunrise has been working with SELISE to bring the latest processing solution in their B2B sales channel. The adoption of SELISE Telco Suite is enabling Sunrise to generate offers more quickly, update offerings and have a better pre- and overview of all products and promotions without any work lag. The tool offers multilingual support for Sunrise and comprises a product configurator, promotion engine and offer maker which will enhance the productivity of the overall process flow of Sunrise. The dynamic nature of the tool allows easy configuration and control by the user which ensures continuity in the business activities.

SELISE has been consulting on Liberty Global's new Wholesale Portal since December 2016. Two initial versions have already been deployed with all the core features. Since its launch, there has been a continuous development of enhancement features and performance improvements. Some of the major milestones/scopes for the third version are: Integration of custom price list for customers on the portal, integration with Salesforce and other telco portals (client API) and a list of all of the products and their workflows of Liberty Global’s WHS department so that all businesses are now conducted over the Wholesale Portal.

SELISE Club is a digital platform which simplifies managing a club by bringing everything like events, members, news updates and communication under one roof. CLUB has been made with the latest direction of web development in mind. The Progressive Web App (PWA) is ready to use right after it is set up in the portal. SELISE Club allows creation of events, news and messages, with website optimization in a refreshed and modern UI. Built as an Ecoware, this allows SELISE Club to include any additional feature as required.

Amberg Loglay has collaborated with SELISE Smart City on Logistic Insights Management (LIM). The latest version of LIM went live in the summer of 2019. The application is built to cater to the needs of construction companies in the planning and execution phase of any construction project, by providing a single platform for all the parties involved in the construction process in order to develop coordination among all the activities. By means of data analytics, the app processes data collected from nearby regions and provides necessary insights as to availability of cars, routes, stations, loading or unloading areas etc.

SELISE developed TRACKORD in the summer of 2019 for Deutsche Bahn, the second-largest transport company in Germany, in partnership with DB Engineering and Consultancy department. TRACKORD conducts inspections around tracks digitally, negating Deutsche Bahn’s need for manual labour. DB has a total of 319 activities around the tracks, which TRACKORD has brought under eight broad categories. The final release of the TRACKORD inspection app is compatible with tablets and also features offline functionality.

SELISE has collaborated with Autogrill, a multinational catering company based in Italy with food outlets present in many of the most important airports, stations and terminals of the world, to bring new possibilities to the digital displays and self-ordering kiosks present in Zurich airport. SELISE has developed a 'Digital Signage Solution' which controls the content shown on the digital displays in each Autogrill concept. This solution provides users with flexibility in scheduling different types of static and dynamic content, with a robust content management system.

Ending the year with a bigger SELISE family and multiple new projects, we look forward to an eventful new year with more exciting, innovative and ground-breaking projects.

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