SELISE @ BASIS Code Warriors 2012 - SELISE

SELISE @ BASIS Code Warriors 2012

March 1, 2012

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) annually organizes a software programming contest named “Code Warriors Challenge”. This year’s contest was arranged along with the Bangladesh SoftExpo 2012 for two developer categories, Students and Professionals based upon four technology tracks, namely PHP, .Net, Java and Android. A total of 200 teams with 800 candidates – all among the most skilled Bangladeshi Software Developers – participated in the contest.

Code Warriors 2012 – Main Hall .NET Topu @ Main Hall .NET

The purpose of the program was to provide a sense of required IT industrial skill, knowledge and introduce the fresh students and young professionals to new technologies. The SELISE seniors helped grooming the contestants in latest .NET technology and provided not only the contest challenges but also conducted workshops explaining new concepts and models.

Main Hall .NET Certification

SELISE controlled the .NET technology track. Shah Ali Newaj “Topu” ran this track with the key workplan, provisioning of resources, judgement and certification. I (Humayun Ahmed) and Montasir Anowar who both are senior software engineers in SELISE introduced the contestants into WCF Routing Service and ASP .NET MVC respectively.
In the first battle the teams had to architect an Enterprise application with Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC 3, WCF service and Entity Framework using the code first approach. In the final battle we made the teams develop a small Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with WCF Routing Service. In a one day session prior to the contest we explained how to prepare such an ESB. I provided the teams with some sample source code to get an easier approach to the technology. The SELISE team provided certificates at the end of the round. Certificate holders got various job offerings from different companies. SELISE recruited one of the CSE graduates who participated in the winning top team.