SELISE Bhutan covered in the Swiss news on RSI - SELISE

SELISE Bhutan covered in the Swiss news on RSI

August 31, 2017

A land suspended from time, Bhutan is a small yet picturesque kingdom with an isolated and thoughtful way of life. It was not until 1999 that television found its way into their lives and only around five years since cellphone network received country wide coverage. Despite its secluded norm of life, it is no stranger to the subversive touch of technology, especially the younger generation. That is the opportunity that SELISE has recognized and invested in.


SELISE has secured one of its four branches in Thimphu, Bhutan – which was recently featured on the Swiss RSI news by correspondent Chiara Reid. The office is located in the Thimphu Techpark, along with twenty other companies. Most of these are foreign companies that employ almost 500 talented young minds.


Bhutan is one of those countries where you have a lot of young talent that does not have easy access to the global marketplace. It’s too small for giants like Google or Microsoft, which makes it ideal for small enterprises like ours to operate here and attract the talents.

Julian Weber

The influence of the tech wave is having significant changes in the career and skills of the youth and laying a pathway for the generations to come. The wave has also resulted in an increased participation of females in the technology sector. The news correspondent described the impact of new technology in Bhutan as “a thunderstorm in the Land of Thunder Dragon”. The availability of cell phones and internet connection has bridged the communication and technological divide by a great extent. Regardless of the geographical distance and barriers, all differences fade away as creative minds collaborate online to solve complex problems through the language of softwares.

Watch the RSI feature with English subtitles here