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SELISE Brings DB Activities under Digital Platform

March 3, 2019

Deutsche Bahn AG, or DB, is the second-largest transport company, after the German postal and logistics company DHL. In 2015, it was the largest railway company in the world by revenue.

The TRACKORD Inspection App is an ongoing project by SELISE, made in partnership with DB Engineering and Consultancy department. The application is used to conduct inspections on DB technical facilities, such as tracks, junctions, and station buildings. It also enables digital recording or collecting data on-site, saving the time that is spent making notes on pen-and-paper on-site, and later feeding these manually into the system at the back-office.

TRACKORD offers an intelligent user guidance, obstacles, technical facilities, tracks, and all such activities can be fed into the database in a matter of minutes. Inspection reports and documents can then be generated to visualize the outcome of inspections.

DB has a total of 319 activities around the tracks, which TRACKORD has brought under eight broad categories. It also offers a photo-documentation report, where users can input photos and notes of the activities around the track.

The final release of the TRACKORD inspection app is compatible with tablets and features offline functionality.