SELISE gets featured on English national dailies of Bangladesh

On an interview with local English newspapers, Julian Weber shares his views on the relationship between Switzerland and Bangladesh, along with the potential of Bangladesh's tech industry in the global scenario.

On the first of August, the Swiss Independence Day, Julian Weber was asked to give his view on the relationship between Switzerland and Bangladesh – which was published in local English newspapers of Bangladesh, such as The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune and Bangladesh Post.

Julian Weber believes that the partnership of Switzerland and Bangladesh is mutually beneficial. The friendship of these two nations will help Bangladesh achieve middle-income country status very soon, especially with the Swiss lead in Technology and R&D. To further strengthen the relationship, he believes that bilateral trade and investment agreements should be initiated to have more interaction, access and support from each other.

When asked about something that Bangladesh has but Switzerland does not and vice versa, he commented:

“Bangladesh has endless natural beauty, amazing rivers, miles of untouched sea beaches and mangrove forests full of wild animals. Vice versa, I would have to ‘speak from my gut’ and say Bangladesh doesn’t have the same cheese selection as Switzerland, which I tend to miss during my extended stays.”

Along with these insights, he has also given an exclusive interview with Bangladesh Post, the quintessence of which was that Bangladesh has huge potential in ICT. However, the country has to overcome the brain drain of talented professionals and graduates.

In the exclusive interview with a Bangladesh Post correspondent, he discussed the potential of Bangladesh in the global ICT field along with the possible ways of leveling up its quality and performance. There are many freelancers and businesses that are constructing mobile and web solutions for international clients and he thinks that this is giving the youth a unique exposure, which is bound to develop the ICT industry of Bangladesh as a whole.

Julian mentioned in his interview how Bangladesh is progressing faster than its peers. He deems it necessary for the country to embrace digitalization to secure its position in the front lines.

He has also discussed how the government can implement digital solutions such as smart city planning, e-finance and data-driven policy making to get a more efficient grip on its massive population.

When asked about the role of women in the tech industry, Julian commented how the tech industry is ideal for women due to its flexible nature. Female participation is on the rise in this sector and he looks forward to working with female colleagues.

The interview ended with Julian Weber talking about the constant brain drain of the country’s best minds. He believes that with the help of dialogue platforms, the government should be able to listen to and solve the issues faced by the top performers. This will help soften the blow the country faces in the global arena due to the loss of its best minds.

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