SELISE Gets Featured on The Financial Express Daily of Bangladesh - SELISE

SELISE Gets Featured on The Financial Express Daily of Bangladesh

October 25, 2017

During its 7 years of operation in Bangladesh, SELISE has come a long way from holding a mere vision to a full-fledged digital powerhouse. While it is still progressing and putting constant effort into improving business practices for more efficient outcomes, SELISE’s growth is not just the result of its methodological business approach. One of the greatest treasures which keeps SELISE afloat are its talents.

More than anything else, SELISE values a blend of talents working on multidisciplinary teams to keep the company functioning as a well-oiled machine. The diversified group of talents range from savvy-developers to creative-designers to dynamic business analysts.

The business graduate recruits are not simply expected to carry out a project’s analysis and reporting. SELISE grooms the analysts to understand critical business problems, provide innovative yet feasible solutions and create prototypes around the ideas for the sole purpose of implementation. And to fill the shoes of such business roles, SELISE keeps an eye out for talents from business schools with solid knowledge on marketing, product development and unfathomable leadership quality.

In order to inspire young talents, Anik Arefin, business consultant at SELISE, has contributed this article on The Financial Express, explaining how a graduate can emerge from a business background into the uncharted territories of the tech world.