SELISE implements live case tracking and review system for judges of IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)

SELISE creates IIHF Selina, a live case tracking and review system for the 2020 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship, to review decisions of penalties.
For the 2020 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championship held in Czech Republic, SELISE has had the privilege of creating a penalty tracking and review system. Live data stream of each game is recorded and sent to operators, where operators mark game scenes and subsequent penalties for the judges to review. The judges then review videos on the online portal of the system.

IIHF Selina Portal:

To make the case reviewing system foolproof, IIHF Selina portal has two major parts, a video recording and reviewing portal aimed towards the operators and an online reviewing portal for the judges.
In the review portal, an operator can select 30 second long video clips immediately after a penalty occurs, and send them to concerned judges and ask for their reviews, all in real-time. The operator can then easily select from a set of pre-written incident types and rulings on the floor to categorize the penalties. To further examine the situation, the video recording portal also has options for super slow-mo, a time warp feature, forward and rewind.
The judges are then notified about the penalty in the online portal, where they can go through the video clips and reviews given by the operator, and give their judgement accordingly.
Entire tournament data, including team names and team players can be always updated within the review portal, making it ready to use before every match.

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