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SELISE in Government Consultancy: Resolving Multi-Vendor Integration Issues

November 2, 2014

A particular Asian government recently faced a severe problem that required immediate attention- it was a matter that affected over 10 million of its emigrating citizens- one pertaining to the issuing of national passports. The call for IT integration beckoned as the two private System Integration Solution Providers, who had previously collaborated on the same project, were now undergoing legal disputes.

SELISE was duly called in by the ministry’s high officials in order to analyze the issue from dual perspectives- technical and process wise, while keeping a neutral standpoint, and thus aid the government’s IT experts to work towards a timely solution.

Business Needs

Not only was it a matter of national interest, but the predicament the government found itself in was also hurting its department’s reputation, both at the national and the international level. SELISE, now taking control, had exclusive access to the productive IT systems that stored and processed large volumes of highly delicate personal data. This enabled SELISE to systematically drill down the causes for defects. Coupled with this, the SELISE team could also conduct interviews with technical key stakeholders which helped to understand whether the business processes were properly in place.

SELISE’s Solution

SELISE was appointed by the department as an international, neutral, third-party entity who could show the way to resolve the ongoing conflict. The key actions and solutions that SELISE carried out were:

  • Studying the passport integration environment to ensure that the high-level system architecture related knowledge is dispersed across all of the SELISE consultants before diving into the actual audit.
  • Supervising of a temporary setup for an onsite testing environment in order to carry out testing of the Central System integration.
  • Getting involved in performing black-box testing to spot the exact points which were resulting in unsuccessful throughput due to requests being filtered out.
  • Initiating exchange of integration-related technical documents between the vendors to ensure comprehensive knowledge transfer before any further attempt at integration.
  • Providing immediate and long term recommendations for any further integration and automation attempts.


SELISE has been sincere in understanding the scenario, and adamant in finding a solution. It should not come as a surprise that the problem has been identified, and successfully resolved. The two conflicting vendors have signed an additional collaboration agreement, which too, was according to SELISE’s own recommendation.

By carrying out a thorough technical investigation over the system and its operational procedures, SELISE has not only pulled its client out of a troubling predicament, but also paved way for them to re-establish their control over the large scale IT system.