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SELISE introduces an ECAP based e-mail assistant called Alfred

October 3, 2017

About Alfred

The latest invention from the SELISE lab is Alfred – a noui smart bot which creates polls out of an email query. You can easily avail the service of Alfred, your email butler, to create single or multiple polls and attain responses from your email recipients in real time. Instead of registering or signing up into any portal, add Alfred to the email and let the butler work its charm.

Alfred, an ECAP based application, allows anyone to initiate a poll within its email participants simply by asking a question in their mails and adding an array of preferred options. The respondents can not only answer polls out of their existing email application but also share thoughts and suggestions via comments. As long as the number of email participants does not exceed 20, Alfred can be used absolutely free of charge, skipping the hassle of any registration or subscription. Even if the number of email recipients surpasses 20, Alfred can still be used in exchange of a small fee. There are varying membership packages offered depending on the size of your business.

By subscribing to Alfred you will benefit from several additional features like storing and archiving features and receive reports and template options. 

Alfred’s advanced functionality allows it to schedule events with multiple participants and plan your next family event or official gathering. With Alfred you can take group decisions faster, with minimal effort and without unnecessary registration, website, software or UI

Alfred 24 Demo Video

Here is how it works

Seeking Alfred’s smart bot services is a simple dual-step process. 

1. Add Alfred to your group email.

Once Alfred is added to the group email, it can take over and initiate a poll as soon as it detects a question in the email body. If your email consists of multiple choice questions, Alfred will initiate a poll and send it individually to all the participants.


2. Ask questions with bullet points.

Alfred is a smart bot which can differentiate between multiple response questions and single response questions.  The responses will in turn be recorded, compiled and demonstrated by Alfred and sent to the host or sender of the email. You do not have to use any third party for any of the functionality, simply adding Alfred as one of your email recipient will do the trick.

About ECAP

Alfred is built on one of the 50+ microservices that constitute ECAP.
ECAP is an aPaaS built to create business applications within shortest periods of time.


SELISE was founded in 2010. Headstrong in the purpose of delivering speed, quality and utmost transparency, the Switzerland headquartered company runs its operation from the three propitious Asian countries that are Bangladesh, Bhutan and the UAE. Since its inception, SELISE has prided itself on its ability to make unfaltering consumer centric software solutions.