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SELISE Proposes Technology Concept to Mitigate the COVID-19 Crisis in Bangladesh

April 12, 2020

Once around 60% of the population is immune to a virus, epidemiologists speak of  ‘Herd Immunity’ which is a state in which the virus spreads so slowly, that it no longer poses a public health risk. For SARS-CoV-2, it may take several months or even years to achieve natural herd immunity and even longer to obtain effective vaccination. However, there are a rising number of individuals who are already immune to the virus, oftentimes without even realizing it.

Identifying the immune will become imperative for any country’s economy in times like these and will also prepare the nation for any such future outbreaks. Identified immunized individuals can actively support society and the economy at large while an aggressive virus like SARS-CoV-2 is still around. In other words, while everyone is requested to stay protected, the immunized can work at hospitals, old care homes, airports, run shops or support essential industries.

Thanks to the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests, the identification of the immunized individuals is now possible. SELISE, one of Bangladesh’s leading software exporters, proposes a digital concept which allows immunity tested individuals to be identified via a simple, non-intrusive mechanism. SELISE waives claims for intellectual property on this concept and its underlying ideas but requests the governments of Bangladesh and other SAARC countries to move forward with this or similar ideas to fight the pandemic.

The concept rests on the combined interests of five groups:

  1. Diagnostic centers, which are physical locations or mobile stalls where individuals can get tested for immunity.
  2. Law enforcement agencies, who will be able to verify a person’s test status and validity based on a QR Code in combination with their national ID or passport.
  3. Crowd dependant organizations, which are organizations like hospitals, restaurants, offices or airlines who want to determine the health conditions of visitors prior to allowing them access to their facilities and services.
  4. Citizens, who have a natural interest to find out whether they are infected or already immune.
  5. Policy-makers, who will receive real-time statistics in order to formulate policies.

This platform will connect all five groups by sharing test reports and an individual’s COVID-19 history, which will allow policy-makers to provide real-time insights to properly address the COVID-19 situation to the general public.

The different use cases for the solution are as follows:

Citizen Signup

Citizens will be able to sign up and log in to their account with just their mobile number. They will instantly be assigned a unique testing number, against which diagnostic centers can carry out tests. Users will have the option to upload their National ID and fill in personal details to expedite the process at the center.

Testing Flow

Diagnostic centers will login to a directory from where they can search and access registered citizens or add new ones. For data privacy, the search will only work based on the citizen’s system ID. High-security measures as well as behavioral tracking of the test center users will protect the database from getting crawled.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agents will be able to scan QR codes of citizens to receive their test status. Along with the citizen’s verified Photo and ID, it will become impossible to ‘cheat’ the system. If App ID and Photo ID are identical, the citizen’s health status is confirmed. For process monitoring purposes, a confirmation timestamp is stored in the system.

Testing Flow

Admin Dashboard

Citizen Signup

Account Authentication

About SELISE Bangladesh

SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. The company started operations from Bangladesh in 2011. With over 300 employees, 250 of which are employed in Dhaka, it is one of the largest software exporters of Bangladesh. The company prides itself on its decentral management structure empowering young talent with a great degree of freedom and responsibility.

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