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SELISE Rockin’ School

January 16, 2013

In a world where seminars are rather taken for the sake of the certificate than for gaining knowledge SELISE established its own schooling system with a variety of full-day workshops being distributed all over the year. Besides the weekly seminars, prepared and held by developers, designers and testers SELISE rockin’ school adds extra value to the SELISE engineers. In a 3 days workshop from 15th to 17th of January employees were trained on agile software development among distributed and dislocated teams.

The workshop was held by SELISE CTO Shah Ali Newaj (Topu) who followed latest findings, models and discussions taking place within the leading Software Clusters all over the world. SELISE rockin’ school does not only provide information, but also involves participants into the discussed topics with hands on exercises and even tests and scoring. For each successfully taken seminar a certificate is handed over to each participant. SELISE management believes that by conducting such in-house certifications the learnings taken by engineers are far more practical, more relevant in terms of proximity to the daily business and more up to date than traditional third party company seminars.

SELISE Certificate on Agile Software Development
SELISE Certificate on Agile Software Development