SELISE: Thriving Beyond the Pandemic

With strong recruitment practices that weather tough times, SELISE has continued to remotely hire and train innovators across Asia to bring the latest tech solutions to market - despite growing uncertainties

The ongoing global crisis brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak has set back the global economy quite significantly. The downturn in the economy has seen global recession rear its head, and bring with it one of the inevitable consequences – unemployment.

According to the IMF, both advanced and emerging markets are currently in a recession, with a projected huge cumulative loss in global GDP. Sure-footed industries are witnessing large layoffs, pay cuts, and long periods of closures.

Despite the grim figures, however, one industry is yet to bear the brunt of the tragedy – the tech industry.

One such company is SELISE, one of the largest software development companies in Bangladesh with roots in Switzerland. In the past few months, SELISE has not only been able to maintain its current workforce, it has also acquired new talents at an unprecedented rate.

Over 24 people joined the ranks as bright innovators of software solutions in the last two months. All employee induction programs were done remotely, including assessments, best-fit personality tests and personal interviews.

From Zurich to Dhaka, SELISE’s response to the global pandemic has always been to hire more, train more, and zero in on what makes the company thrive: nurturing talent.

Besides, the company’s product portfolio and adoption of remote work show that product delivery, maintenance, and upgrades no longer require logistical tools in today’s tech-based world.

By taking the fallout from the pandemic head-on, SELISE is doing its part to defend the livelihoods of young, dynamic talent and looking ahead to the future, when their talent is going to reshape the way we interact with the world through technology.

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