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SELISE 2017 Review: Think! Create! Market!

February 1, 2018

As we bid our goodbyes to the year, we want to take a few moments to individually look back at these departments.

SELISE Smartcity

Creating a backbone.

SELISE Smartcity works on a set of mobile and web applications that facilitate powerful data and logistics management applications within the space of public infrastructure. Be it a real-time operations app across multiple devices, infrastructure planning on a data visualization-driven dashboard or maintenance of existing infrastructure – SELISE delivers the fundamental pillars of the Smart City of this day and age.

The team creates applications not only for the core part of Smartcity but also for ancillary services such as transport, distribution or mobile field audits of real estate and other fixed assets. While being headed by Nabil Adnan and his team located in Dhaka, SELISE Smartcity builds most of their application in close collaboration with the seniors of our Joint Venture Partner Amberg Loglay in Zürich.

SELISE Digital

Getting things out.

The SELISE Digital team represents a very flexible web team with a deep understanding of how the internet works. From fancy cryptocurrencies with 20 X growth rates (Basic Attention Token) to solid implementations of e-commerce solutions, Rafi Chowdhury and his team cover a wide range of expertise and implementation skills.

The Team hence worked closely with our Insurtech experts to introduce an IoT online portal. Keep reading this newsletter to find out more about it. Other interesting projects of the Digital team involved the creation of a global virtual community around a kitchen appliance, the consolidation of a barbecue device provider’s global e-commerce presence and continuous support for distribution agents of all sorts. Yet, it does not end there; this year SELISE Digital also supported the Telco department by not only building a flexible high-performance webshop component but also for one of their UAE based customers, crafting a creative online campaign for a large audience in the KSA . The audio visual went viral with more than 1.5 million views, and counting. Check out the campaign videos here.

SELISE Insurtech

Digital everything.

Can the financial industry be disrupted with modern software? Very often the answer is no, due to compliance rules. And while IT systems companies, compliance officers and lawyers are still discussing GDPR and MIFID2, SELISE has already deployed enterprise-grade applications that utilize best of breed technology in a compliant way. And while others discuss the renewal of entire legacy systems, SELISE Insurtech has already found ways to leverage those through non-conventional integrations.

SELISE Insurtech has been catering to both corporate and private insurance for several years now. With Swiss Life Global Solutions, the Insurtech team is pushing boundaries when it comes to completely paperless user journeys – be it by submitting new policy applications or managing internationally pooled employee benefits contracts.

P&C customers like Generali benefit from this knowledge when it comes to designing seamless processes around their products as can be seen in the screenshot on the left. The portal allows smart, connected home appliance buyers to get discounts on home safety-related insurance.

A key principle has been the integration of modern third-party services such as identification and digital signature. At the same time, we could accomplish exciting projects in the domains of financial advisory and P&C insurance. Being overseen by the SELISE CxOs, Insurtech is managed by four fulltime business analysts and closely supported by the SELISE team in Zürich.

Shah Ali Newaj, SELISE CTO, says..

“In 2017, we built a sophisticated Workflow Engine, made a super fast real-time collaboration server and automated about 900 micro-processes in record time. All of this while moving the ECAP backend to .NET Core and its frontend to Angular 5. In short, 2017 was a year of tech triumph for us.”


Expanding footprints.
In terms of geographical expansion, perhaps no other department in SELISE has expanded its footprint as much as SELISE Telco. This is primarily due to the development of a Wholesale Portal for Liberty Global, which focuses on digitizing a highly flexible configure price quote (CPQ) process across 10 major European markets. With Anik Arefin in the business Lead, our Telco team members are mostly located in Bhutan under the umbrella of SELISE Bhutan and CTO Arpan Lepcha.

One of the more exciting projects was an ordering engine that simplifies the user journeys of ordering even the most complex telco business solutions. While working on these fundamentals that support our web applications, the Telco team integrated core sales processes into the Telco Support Systems (OSS/BSS) including CRMs of our partners. All of this has been possible thanks to our continued investment into the SELISE Telco Toolsuite, which is addressing the most important concerns of today’s providers. Exciting times lie ahead as more and more Telco players are getting onboard of the SELISE Telco Toolsuite.

SELISE Consulting

Grey matter.

SELISE Consulting crafts strategic and operational concepts that radically transform businesses. The core of which lies within our consultants’ ability to not only assess but also to anticipate digital solutions with SELISE having a software engineering and implementation team at heart.

2017 saw us implementing various of our previously crafted concepts for a series of business leaders across different industries. As a result of this intensive collaboration with businesses and internal departments, SELISE Consulting also triggered the development of new software products. One such product named ‘Acquisition and Retention Cloud’, or more simply, ARC, is a result of SELISE’s consulting efforts for an insurance firm. ARC collects and integrates different customer touchpoints of a business into one actionable UI and fully open APIs. Other products evolving out of Consulting consist of an electronic signature tool to be soon announced as well as a virtual E-Mail assistant named Alfred.

Human Resources

Reaching for more.

Throughout the year, the seniors played their part with regular sessions on new programming languages, frameworks, cloud technologies and methodologies alike, helping everyone to enhance their skill-sets. At the same time, SELISIANS are known to work hard, but play harder, and many embarked on team trips and adventures in different parts of the world to help establish the so called work-life-balance.

The athletic bunch furthermore hashed things out either at the table tennis board, the futsal field, or at the Go-karting tracks- as they proved they are not only great tech and business talents but also decent sportsmen.

Julian Weber, SELISE CEO, says..

“This has been a key year with substantial growth in our global customer base. We could expand and develop our capabilities in building holistic digital solutions. We see our decentral units growing further in 2018 while our young Digital production and Consulting wings will foster as core parts of our value proposition.”

The statement sums up a year of moving forward for SELISE as we continue to attract talents and keep building mission-critical application for the digital world. As we step into 2018, we know for a fact that if 2017 has given us any indication to what is to come, we can hope for another explosive year with new challenges and possibilities.